Back-to-School Lessons: Preventing Chaotic Eating

If you haven’t noticed, school is back in session! Whether you are a brand new college student, a mother and “manager” of your own students, or you’re perhaps taking evening classes as you pursue a second degree, getting back in the school mindset and in a routine can take some time. While you adjust to […]

Creative Uses for Lousy Fruit

Today’s post is a Green Mountain oldie, but goodie, for our Martha Stewarts out there. It was originally published last summer by our chef. Sometimes, no matter how conscientiously you pick out your produce, you end up with something that just isn’t delicious. Twice this summer, I have carefully selected melons which were unblemished, seemed […]

Creating and Maintaining Sacred Space within Your Life

Today’s guest post is from Self-Love Body Coach, Mara Glatzel, who will be hosting a workshop at Green Mountain from Sept. 9-15 called “Stop Waiting, Stop Hating and Start Living” on creating the life you were meant to lead. Nearly ten years ago, I began facing my emotional eating head-on. I made the necessary changes. […]

It’s Not Nice To Label…Or Is It?

With the Obamas on the healthcare case, Americans may find themselves thinking twice before ordering a Frappuccino or coffee cake at Starbucks. Buried deep within the President’s health care reform bill there lays a mandate which requires big food chains to come up with the goods on their goods. This new federal law requires obligations for […]

It Happened This Week: Loving Veggies, Self-Love, and Vermont Covered Bridges

Just in time for summer bounty, Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, tells us how to fall in love with veggies. One of my favorite tweets of the week from Marc David @psych_of_eating: “Nutrition facts are like #food. Choose wisely, ruminate over it slowly, & check to see that it’s fresh & not outdated.”  Read more here. Did […]

Mindful Eating Series: Can You Hear What Your Cells Are Saying?

This is the fifth post in our series exploring the seven hungers — eye hunger, nose hunger, mouth hunger, stomach hunger, cellular hunger, mind hunger and heart hunger — as discussed in Jan Chozen Bay’s book Mindful Eating.  Each hunger provides a unique voice to help you discover your relationship to food and the body.  […]

Foodie Friday Video: Find YOUR Filling Breakfast

One of the many life-changing things I learned at Green Mountain (what I call a weight loss retreat, not a weight loss spa, because it is so much more than that) was to eat a satisfying and filling breakfast – one preferably consisting of 2-3 servings of carbohydrates and 1-2 proteins, depending on what works for you […]

Mindful Eating Series: Noticing Mouth Hunger

Today is the third post in our series on mindful eating.  We’ve been exploring the seven hungers — eye hunger, nose hunger, mouth hunger, stomach hunger, cellular hunger, mind hunger and heart hunger — as discussed in Jan Chozen Bay’s book Mindful Eating.  Each of these hungers provide a unique lens through which to investigate […]

Mindful Eating Series: Does The Nose Know Hunger?

We are exploring the seven hungers as part of our mindful eating series this month.  In Jan Chozen Bay’s book Mindful Eating, she identifies eye hunger, nose hunger, mouth hunger, stomach hunger, cellular hunger, mind hunger and heart hunger.  By exploring each, you can also explore  your relationship to food and your body. The key […]

The Green Mountain Guide to Healthy Eating: The Plate Model

There are thousands of books, websites and TV shows on how to eat healthier. We are constantly barraged with complicated schemes and conflicting information about the best ways to lose weight, from counting calories and monitoring our sugar intake to eliminating food groups and calculating points. We can’t even check out at the grocery store […]

Foodie Friday Video: Healthy Snack Ideas that Satisfy

One key to managing hunger and disordered eating is to have a few ideas for healthy snacks. Letting yourself get too hungry is a major trap if you’re aiming to become a normal eater. Once you get too hungry, eating rich processed foods (a bag of chips is pretty easy to grab and go, after […]

Healthy Eating Book Review & Giveaway: But I Deserve This Chocolate

Alum Jill C reviews “But I Deserve This Chocolate,” a book on the excuses we make that prevent us from living a healthy life. We’ll be giving away one copy on Friday, April 20, through random drawing, which you can enter by leaving a VALID e-mail address and telling us why you want the book […]

Binge and Breath

Binging or mindlessly eating leads us to self loathing and not tasting our food in the moment. The more mindless we are, the more shallowly we breathe. At Green Mountain , women’s weight loss program, we practice remembering to breathe by taking 3 deep breaths every time we go to the bathroom. In this way we […]

Healthy Eating, Deprivation & the Right Choice

It’s a debate that’s gone on since the beginning of “non-diet.”  The question of whether people respond best to a structured approach to eating that helps get their bodies back into balance so they can better sense their internal cues to guide them in healthy behaviors, or whether “permission to eat everything and anything and […]

Binge Eating:The Conference

This weekend we were privileged to take part in the Binge Eating Disorder Association’s 2012 National Conference Revolution Ahead: Illuminating the Path to Freedom from BED, Emotional Overeating, & Weight Stigma. This is the third annual conference exploring the issues surrounding treatment of binge eating. This conference offered the hope of springtime for many who […]

Foodie Friday Video: Preparing Healthy Balanced Meals

You made it a New Year’s Resolution again this year: Eat more balanced meals. If it’s not working out as you planned, you may want to look at your strategy. Green Mountain registered dietitian Robyn Priebe walks us through one of her favorite tips for preparing healthy meals if you are stretched for time: batch […]

Intuitive Cooking-Who Knew?

Well, I had never heard of Intuitive Cooking until last week. I was walking with a friend who told me about  Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabriella Hamilton. I was so happy to discover this concept because I have always called myself a “throw together” cook.  Who knew that all along I had actually been […]

A Weekend of Mindfulness

Here at Green Mountain at Fox Run we had a wonderful weekend of healthy eating, movement, SoulCollages®, self compassion, walks of mindfulness, and so much more. Alumnae came to the “Sustain the Change with Mindfulness” weekend for so many reasons: to reconnect, to renourish, to renew, to remind. One of our alums, Jacki Monaco of […]

Adventurous Eaters

Lately I’ve been amused at how adventurous our chef David Smith is with the foods he is willing to try.  As an omnivore, he has no fear of tofu or trying my crazy soy yogurt.  He may be mildly fearful of my green smoothies but he’s still willing to try them out of curiousity.  Today […]

Pumpkin Season

Although the start of Fall means Winter is soon approaching, I have to admit it’s an amazing time of year.  The leaves changing color is almost magical, the crisp cool air is perfect for outdoor activities, and having fresh pumpkin available is one of my favorite things.  Last year, almost on the same date, I […]