4 Deprivation-Free Strategies for Spring Cleaning Your Eating Routine

 5 Foods You Should Eat to Lose Weight This Spring. How to Clean Up Your Diet and Slim Down for Summer. Your Spring Detox Guide. These are the messages that caught my attention as I stood in the check-out line at the grocery store recently. As I gazed at the magazines that lined the shelf, […]

Are You Really Enjoying What You’re Eating?

What’s for dinner? Chicken and broccoli. It sounds delicious, right!? But if that’s what for dinner every night it can get dull pretty quickly. It’s easy to fall into a “food rut”. For many of us we want to eat healthfully, but we’ve become trapped by patterns that leave us bored to tears eating the […]

Redefining Healthy Eating: It’s Not What You Think

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post or the gazillions of other media outlets that love to talk about what you should eat, you’re likely seeing lots of articles these days about the dangers of sugar.

The Binge Eating Diaries: 3 Steps to Healthy Eating on Vacation

There are dozens of flavors of vacations to choose from – the romantic getaway, the couple’s retreat, the group escape, and the solo adventure… to name just a few. And they’re all… delicious. We circle the LIFT OFF day on our calendars with a big fat red pen (or sophisticatedly log the date into our […]

6 Healthy Eating Mistakes That Can Cause You to Overeat

At Green Mountain at Fox Run, sometimes it seems like we’re all about being contrary to popular opinion. But that’s because popular opinion is so often off track in terms of how to reach and maintain your healthy weight.  So read the following list with that thought in mind. We think these typical “healthy” eating […]

5 Foods You Should Never Eat: The Green Mountain Version

We’ve All Seen It… To anyone who has ever surfed the web, this needs no explanation.  We’ve all seen it, the advertisement lingering on the right hand side of your browser, the one with the over ripe helpless little banana illustration that frames the handwritten words “5 Foods You Should Never Eat”. It’s the same […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: What is Normal Eating?

My Journey to Healthy Eating I’m allergic to peanuts. I can’t stand the texture of mushrooms. I have equal parts salty and sweet teeth. I think raisins and onions are the perfect combination in a salad. I could eat raw cashews for days. I give kale, apples, and cake 5 stars each. For most of […]

Mindful Eating and The Process of Learning How to Feed Myself

Beth continues her cha-cha but then takes a giant leap forward. One step forward, two steps back?  Or is it two steps forward and one step back? If I find the learning in a “step back”, then it’s actually a step forward. Okay, no more “who’s on first” babble – here’s what I’m referring to. […]

The Back-and-Forth of Achieving a Healthy Weight

We recently saw a meme on Facebook from OMG Paradise that said “An optimist is someone who realizes that a taking a step backwards after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a cha-cha”. Beth shares her cha-cha below. “No Foods Are Bad Foods” The holidays are over and it’s time […]

Pop Quiz: The Changing Face of Healthy Eating for Healthy Weights

As A Dietitian, The Science Of Nutrition Is Fascinating I love my work. I love that my professional career as a dietitian has such practical application and that  I can spend time doing on the job training that I can later take home with me and incorporate into that night’s dinner. I love learning about […]

10 Healthy Eating Exercises That Can Really Make a Difference

Continuing our Healthy Weight Week posts this week, today’s post talks about a key strategy for achieving and maintaining your healthy weight — mindful eating.  It’s about learning to listen and then trust what your body is telling you when it comes to eating. This post was one I wrote last year for SpaFinders. It’s perfect […]

‘Feel Full’ Chemical Priopionate Hyped In Recent Weight Loss News Articles

‘Feel Full’ Chemical Not Exactly New News Google the term propionate and you’ll find very recent news result links ranging from “Obesity Epidemic May See Slowdown With New Ingredient That Makes You Feel Full”, “This ‘Feel Full’ Chemical Could Be the Future of Weight Loss”, “Food supplement appears to prevent weight gain” and “Ingredient that […]

A Young Women’s Emotional Eating and Healthy Weight Retreat

[quote]“I need to lose weight fast. I don’t feel acceptable at this size.” “I keep sabotaging myself with food and I don’t know why.” “Food is my go-to when I feel lonely, stressed, overwhelmed. It’s how I get through school – and life – right now.” “I feel caught in a cycle of overeating and […]

Take Weight Stigma Off Your Plate to Really Eat Healthy

It’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2014 Do you know what you’re thinking about your body? If you’re a woman who has struggled with your weight, there’s a good chance you’re not thinking too positively about it. And as Dr. Kari Anderson, our binge eating specialist at Green Mountain and leader of our new Pathway℠ program for binge eaters, […]

Memoirs of a Dietetic Intern: Understanding My Chaotic Eating

We’re happy to post a blog today by Elizabeth Carrera, a masters level student studying nutrition and dietetics at the University of Vermont. Elizabeth spent time with us this summer observing our approach to health and weight management. Her story is a great one for A Weight Lifted because it shows that even those who have […]

Healthy Eating Giveaway: The Anti-Inflammatory Power of Tasty Tart Cherries

It’s fun to start out the week with a giveaway! Especially when it’s something as tasty as tart cherries. Several years ago, I was privileged to be the guest of the Cherry Marketing Institute at their annual National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan. There I discovered a love for all things tart cherry. They’re […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: Making The Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle

It hasn’t been an easy road. There have been hurdles to jump over, rocks to trip over, and mountains to climb… or shall I say – cakes to jump over, spaghetti to trip over, and ice cream sundaes to climb? (Just some good old-fashioned food humor to start us off today, eh?) Over the past […]

What I’ve Learned About Women and Weight Loss

A Q&A with Our Dietitian Robyn Priebe Robyn has been the nutrition lead at Green Mountain at Fox Run for 10 years, and is sharing what she has learned about women and weight loss in that time. Congratulations Robyn! We appreciate everything that you do for our participants – from your inspiring classes and mind-blowing nutrition […]

Saying “It’s a Lifestyle Change” Might Hurt More than Help

So, You Are Ready to Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle Or at least a healthier lifestyle. That’s wonderful! But I recommend considering if “lifestyle change” is what you want to call it. In my time working at Green Mountain and making many positive changes in my life, there is one thing I have discovered. I […]

How to Make A Green Smoothie: Recipe and Video for St. Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s Day, try this nutritious Green Mountain green smoothie recipe from Robyn Priebe, our dietitian and healthy recipe guru. Tell us your go-to green smoothie ingredients! Video: How Do You Make A Green Smoothie? Check out Robyn’s video below on how to make a green smoothie and what kinds of ingredients go well […]