The Binge Eating Diaries: 3 Steps to Healthy Eating on Vacation

There are dozens of flavors of vacations to choose from – the romantic getaway, the couple’s retreat, the group escape, and the solo adventure… to name just a few. And they’re all… delicious. We circle the LIFT OFF day on our calendars with a big fat red pen (or sophisticatedly log the date into our […]

When In Rome… Eat The Pasta! (Without Guilt)

I just returned from a road trip to Savannah. My husband and I drove from our home in Philadelphia to visit our daughter who’s currently working there. Long trip, right? Driving for 12 hours with Mario Andretti can be anxiety producing, but I had my rosary and iPod so that went well. And the daughter […]

Fried Food Everywhere and Not a Thing to Eat!

How much fried food can a person eat? Travel to the U.K. on a budget and you might just find out. On a recent trip to Scotland, my sister and I were thrilled to partake of fish and chips again and again…until we just couldn’t anymore. So the Scots found a winner in fried fish. […]