Healthy Holiday Eating: Practice Makes Perfect

It’s the day of the party. You wake already worried about how you’re going to manage the cheeses, chips, dips, nuts, drinks, cookies…the list goes on. You imagine countless strategies to keep you away from the temptations of the season. Actually, you don’t have to work hard to come up with those strategies; everywhere you […]

F-U-N & Healthy Eating This Holiday

Do the words “healthy” and “holidays’ seem to conflict when it comes to eating? If so, check out how we spell healthy holiday eating at Green Mountain! F – Fully participating in life without worries about body size. U – Using our internal cues to guide us in making the right choices for us. N […]

Put Yourself First this Holiday Season with the Me Movement

To say the holidays are stressful for some of us is, well, an understatement.  Too much to do compounded by worries about eating and weight can spell disaster for healthy lifestyles.  On this Monday that marks the first full week of the holiday season, it can be helpful to spend some time thinking about how […]

Healthy Recipe Thursday! It’s Holiday Cookie Time!!

The ‘net is filled with the smell of baking cookies.  At least it seems that way.  Every food blog I see has stories of Christmas cookies past and present, and Twitter, well, suffice it to say that all the conversation about cookies has me thinking I need to break out the baking sheets. Rather than […]