Healthy Cooking Thursday: Watermelon Smoothie

Holy crow, it’s been hot in Vermont since the Fourth of July.  A rare stretch of 90 degree days has inspired me to create meals and snacks that don’t involve indoor cooking.  This quick and healthy recipe is courtesy of the leftover watermelon from a Independence Day picnic we had at our house.  It was beautifully ripe and sweet, […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday! Maple Strawberry Fool

Is it too obvious that I’d be blogging about a dish called a “Fool” on April first?  😛  The name actually comes the French verb “fouler”, which means to mash or squeeze, referring to the way the fruit is prepared in the dish, but it could also refer to how ridiculously easy they are to […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday: Faux Sugar on Snow

I’m not sure who the genius was who first decided to take some delicious heated maple syrup and pour it on new fallen snow, but whoever it was, I would kiss them today if I could.  This wonderful cold weather tradition is almost enough to make a person wish for snow.  When the hot maple […]