Yo-Yo Dieting May Lead to Chronic Inflammation, Disease, Unhealthy Weight

Most American Women Have Yo-Yo Dieted Who among the frequent readers of this blog hasn’t lost and gained weight numerous times?  If you’re like many American women, this describes you.  It certainly does me in my younger days when I was determined to lose weight.  Which I did over and over again in between bouts […]

Sasha & Malia on a Diet?

Michele Obama recently made headlines by announcing that because her daughters were becoming overweight, she had made a few changes around their house. Less television watching, switching to low-fat milk, water in their lunchboxes, more fruit and veggies at meals. On the surface, seemingly admirable moves as it’s generally accepted that the eating habits and […]

It Happened This Week: Family Tension, Emotional Eating & Heartbreaking News about Little Girls

Tara Parker-Pope wowed  us again this week with a great article in the New York Times on family criticisms about what we choose to eat and how much. A great read for anyone anticipating a lot of family gatherings in the coming weeks. As we enter the holidays, here’s more support for mindful eating as […]

It Happened This Week: FRESH, the movie, Type 2 Diabetes and Health at Every Size & Lemon Coconut Bars

Did Food, Inc. leave you depressed?  Then check out FRESH, the movie (trailer above) to see what folks around the US are doing to change the picture. Dietitians are doing their part to change the picture, too.  Under the clever title “Low Carbon is the New Low Carb,” Nutrition Unplugged reviews two new cookbooks written […]

For a Smaller Waist, Eat Red Meat, Butter & Whole Milk?

I recently rediscovered the blog Junkfood Science whose author Sandy Szwarc, BSN, RN, CCP describes as “critical examinations of studies and news on food, weight, health and healthcare that mainstream media misses.  Debunks popular myths, explains science and exposes fraud that affects your health.” Like us at Green Mountain at Fox Run, Sandy is an […]

In Quest for Health, Self-Acceptance Comes First

Today’s post comes from Karen C.L. Anderson, who we met on Twitter. We started reading her blog (Why Weight: One Woman’s Journey From Struggle To Acceptance) and thought she was doing great work on self acceptance. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think so — she’s currently writing a book with the same title. […]

On Meghan McCain, Tyra Banks & Hope

Have you been following the Meghan McCain body size debate over the last week?  If you’ve somehow missed it, Lesley at Fatshionista has a good review of what’s gone on. My take on it has to do with dismay, gratification and optimism. I’m appalled that a woman dissed Ms. McCain about her body size.  Guess […]

Weighing In: Overcoming Fat Prejudice

Fat prejudice cuts across all races, socio-economic levels, and genders (although women face far more fat discrimination in general).  Overweight people are often subject to public ridicule, but there are more insidious, subtle, and illegal forms as well, especially when it occurs in the workplace. "Body mass significantly decreases women's family income," a study by […]