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If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

By Robyn Priebe

One of the strategies we discuss in our Mindful Eating class is to reduce multi-tasking while eating.  All too often we may find ourselves doing a host of other things while we eat.  Very common activities are: watching TV reading driving working using a computer talking on the phone feeding children cleaning sorting mail, paying bills socializing cooking Multi-tasking while […] Read more »

Managing Food Cravings: Changing Eating Habits

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Developing Healthier Food Habits One of the classes we teach at Green Mountain focuses on the various types of food cravings people have: physical cravings, those due to food exposure, and habit-based cravings.  Wanting to eat out of habit is usually a response to an event, location, activity, time of day, or routine of some sort.  We’ve formed associations in our minds between eating […] Read more »

Help Me Lose Weight!

By Robyn Priebe

How many diet plans or diet tools have we stumbled on over the years and thought, “maybe THIS could be the thing that works for me?”  It’s normal to be hopeful when, having been let down by all other weight loss options, something new comes along.  If we haven’t tried it, we are excited about the prospects of trying something different. […] Read more »


Opportunity Eating

By Robyn Priebe

Oh good, everyone is in bed……what do we have in the kitchen? Opportunity eating can be eating food just because it’s available: Your co-worker bakes brownies for everyone at work and leaves them in the break room. The holidays roll around and the wide variety of food, and food abundance, leads to eating more. However there is another type of opportunity eating; […] Read more »

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