Healthy Eating Solutions: Breakfast Smoothies

Baffled by Breakfast That’s me. Growing up, breakfast was always a carb. Cold or hot cereal during the week, with the requisite generous helping of sugar – pancakes, waffles (smothered in syrup) or cinnamon buns (with icing) on the weekends. Maybe some bacon or scrapple. For a real treat, Mom would make cinnamon toast – […]

It’s a Mira-KALE!

A series by Green Mountain alum Jacki Monaco on her journey to overcome binge eating. Follow her as she blogs about the victories and challenges of repairing her relationships with food, her body and herself. It’s a Mira-KALE! Last time I posted back in August, I divulged some less than glorious details about my stubborn […]

Green Leafy Vegetables – 5 Ways To Eat Them More Often

Many of us may be trying (or at least considering) eating more vegetables.  There’s one group of vegetables that gets a lot of attention for being loaded with nutrients that support our health, especially detoxification….green leafy vegetables.  I recall going to nutrition lecture as a teen and being shocked by the presenter’s recommendation to eat one […]

Green Smoothie Obsession

For those of you who know me, you may have heard me debating about getting a high-power blender for green smoothies.  Last month I bit the bullet and bought a Vitamix and as much as it pains me to buy a blender that costs almost as much as my first car, so far I’m in love. Loving My […]