Changing Thinking: Scrutinize Your Dissatisfaction

By Darla Breckenridge on 02/28/2011

Disillusionment can be heartbreaking, especially when we’re disillusioned about a reality that never happened. You imagined yourself somehow different: all-achieving, in control, showing no signs of aging and, gee, it didn’t turn out that way. You feel let down by, what? By your imagined reality? Pay Attention to Your Self-Talk The first step towards uncovering your personal beliefs is to start […] Read more »


Change Your Thinking: Startle Yourself with Surprises!

By Darla Breckenridge on 02/07/2011

Let little gems be your big rewards. Savor the surprise of tasting the food at tonight's party and enjoying every bite and noticing when you have had enough. Savor the surprise of achieving your fitness goals for five days in a row with nary an internal nag. Savor the surprise of doing even very small things that you had only […] Read more »

Stop Binge Eating by Connecting with Your Senses: Another Green Mountain KISS

By Darla Breckenridge on 01/31/2011

Smell…fresh baked bread right out of the oven. Taste…a crisp juicy pink lady apple. See…the blush of the sun on a snowy mountain top Hear…the sigh of contentment after taking a sip of delicious coffee. Feel…the warmth of the fire on your hands when you come in from a snowshoe. These are your senses which serve you so well and […] Read more »

Healthy Cooking Thursday – Curried Lentil Soup

By Chef Lisa on 01/27/2011

Let's set aside deliciousness for a moment and consider why it might be a great idea to have more curry in your life.  First of all, curries are a great way to utilize vegetarian protein sources, perfect for a celebration of Meatless Mondays.  Secondly, many curries involve coconut milk, and it seems that everywhere you turn these days, nutritionists are talking about the myriad benefits of […] Read more »

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