5 Nutrition Myths DEBUNKED! (Round 1)

A typical day here at Green Mountain includes an hour or 2 of nutrition class where women come together and we discuss topics centered on food. We cover lots of ground. Topics like our gut health, food addiction, menopause, PCOS, metabolism, and how to feed ourselves and feed our families. With these discussions lots of […]

Stressed? Try Magnesium, the Ultimate Chill Pill

Could optimizing our magnesium levels help with emotional overeating? Stress in our bodies, whether physical or psychological, uses up our magnesium stores. And the more magnesium our body loses, the more stressed the system can become. It, like most things, is a cycle. But look on the bright side! When magnesium stores within our bodies […]

It Happened This Week: Go Red on Gluten-Free Friday!

Not everyone needs to be gluten free but many people discover through a food as medicine or functional nutrition/medicine exploration of their health, that it’s key for them.  So today’s post is a look at some gluten-free goings-on that caught our attention this week.