‘fresh produce’

From the Farm to Me

By Robyn Priebe

This week we have a guest writer, Lori McGrail, Green Mountain’s current dietetic intern.  Lori put together this post below on the joys of hitting up the farmers’ market. I spent my Memorial Day weekend hanging out with family and friends at Saratoga Lake in upstate New York. After a challenging 10 months in my dietetic internship, I was ready […] Read more »

Too Corny For Words?

By Cindy Bishop

Every year I write about my love affair with corn . I don’t know why, maybe because each summer when I take that first juicy bite it reminds me of childhood, warm summer days and simplicity. Oh, and it’s just plain good!  Another thing corn reminds me of is how delicious fresh produce can be, and how easy it is to prepare. In […] Read more »