Fitness Friday Video: Relieving Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders

Friday is finally here, but chances are good that the cumulative stress from the work week has settled into your neck and shoulders. If you feel tight from sitting in the car and hunching over your keyboard, we have a few stretches you can do to relieve that tension quickly. Yes, getting a massage or […]

Fitness Friday Video: How Do I Stretch This Muscle?

Why is it that I can barely remember how to stretch my muscles when I’m doing strength training on my own? I would bet that I’m not alone here; stretching seems to be something we want to hurry through or just skip all together if no one is watching. And it’s not just that we […]

Fitness Friday: Upper Body Strength Training without Equipment Video

At Green Mountain at Fox Run, we teach strength training classes using a variety of equipment: Fitballs®, free and machine weights, Spri-tubes®, and Dynabands®. But what if you don’t have equipment – can you still strength train? The answer is absolutely. Green Mountain fitness specialist Kate Nolte, who previously taught classes on the beach in […]

Fitness Friday: A New Year, A New Stretching Routine

If you’ve been to the gym this week, you’ve probably noticed it’s a lot more crowded than the last time you were there. It’s a new year and people have renewed their commitments to working out. If you are one of those who’s starting a new workout, it’s important to make stretching part of your […]

Fitness Friday: Standing Abdominals

We talk a lot about strength training for the abs and back in our Fitness Friday posts. The primary reason is that lower back pain is one of the most common complaints we hear from women who come to Green Mountain at Fox Run. If your ab muscles are weak, then undue pressure is probably […]

Fitness Friday: Beginner Yoga Modifications

Yoga is one of the best ways to strengthen, improve balance and posture, increase flexibility and help with relaxation. What’s more, many studies have shown yoga lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate. And if you still aren’t convinced that yoga is a good idea, people of all abilities, shapes, sizes and ages can […]

Fitness Friday: Exercise at Your Desk

‘Tis the season of family gatherings, office parties and out-of-town guests. Add those to the requisite baking, shopping and decorating and it’s no wonder it’s difficult to make time for everything. Women at Green Mountain often tell us they have a lot of anxiety around making self care a priority during the holidays. First, we want […]

Fitness Tip Friday: We’re Back with More for Your Back

Last month Senior Fitness Specialist LynnAnn Covell demonstrated how to stand for spine stabilization. Many of you told us how much you appreciated the information, so today LynnAnn is demonstrating a must-know exercise that will strengthen your lower backs. One of the most effective exercises for making the low back stronger — and subsequently making things like bending […]

Fitness Friday: Am I Doing My Abs Right?

It’s not uncommon for people to start “working on their abs” with the goal of getting a “six pack” like Britney Spears. At Green Mountain, we like to remind everyone that the real benefit to doing abdominal strengthening exercises is building muscle to strengthen your core, which improves your balance and stability. Getting a six […]

Fitness Tip Friday: Exercising in Cold Weather

In the past week, fall has brought a  chill to the air here in Vermont. While there isn’t any snow (yet), the leaves are falling fast.  It’s still beautiful outside, though, as it is throughout the year. Indeed, at Green Mountain, cold weather does not keep us from exercising outdoors — in fact, we think […]

Fitness Friday: Avoiding Low Back Pain

As we get older, most of us will find ourselves dealing with low back pain at some point in our lives. At Green Mountain, we are especially aware of how restricting low back pain can be, especially as people are starting exercise routines. We offer a class called “Back Care with Exercises” and our participants […]