Try Boxing to Manage Emotional Eating

Understanding and managing emotional eating is a complex process.  At Green Mountain at Fox Run we discuss the four big feelings: mad, sad, glad and scared (to use little kid language) and how unexpressed feelings can  trigger emotional eating. Mad (angry, frustrated, annoyed, pissed off) is probably the most difficult feeling for women to express. […]

Biggest Loser, Big Turnoff?

Far from being the motivational boost it’s touted to be, The Biggest Loser’s depictions of exercise may make people less likely to get up off the couch.  According to a new study, after watching a seven-minute clip of a show from The Biggest Loser’s ninth season, study participants had more negative attitudes about being active […]

“Fat: The Owner’s Manual” Book Review

Ragen Chastain is a former national dance champion and choreographer. She is also fat. And she’s got a lot to say about fat acceptance and the Health at Every Size movement. I’ve read a few books about how to live your life as a fat person and was not impressed. Ragen’s book, “Fat: The Owner’s […]

Weight Stigma Awareness Week: How I Recommitted to My Body

How I Recommitted to My Body This has been a long road inward, to reconnect to the joy of moving my body, and has taken every minute up until now. In my late teens, I started working in the health and fitness industry, teaching aerobics. Like most young women, I was unhappy with my body. […]

Fitness Friday Video: How to Pack a Gym Bag

Frustrated that you just can’t get your exercise mojo working? That you always seem to be full of excuses for not getting a fitness routine down? One exercise obstacle can be not being ready when the mood strikes! To help, Green Mountain at Fox Run has put together a gym bag checklist so you’re always […]

Fitness Friday: Cardio Soul Search

This article was written by Green Mountain senior fitness specialist LynnAnn Covell for Already Pretty, in response to a reader question about finding the right fitness routine when you have time and mobility issues (in this case scoliosis and knee tenderness). It is an exciting and hopeful moment when you find a physical activity that […]

Resistant to Exercise? It May Be How You Think About It

“I don’t want to go to my appointment with my trainer.” “I hate walking.” “I should go swimming, but I’d rather not.” It is statements like these that take us down the slippery slope into inertia, funky feelings, “the pits”.  We can feel pressured, required, and “shoulded” to do what is good for us. So […]

Fitness Friday: My Fitness Inspiration

Following the Olympics, I saw dozens of athletes who inspire me. Missy Franklin – what a phenom! Gabby Douglas – did you see her on the balance beam? Usain Bolt – do I even need to say anything? But my real fitness inspiration, or fit-spiration, is someone just like you and me. In fact, you […]

Fitness Friday Video: Upper Body Travel Workout

Are you away from home this weekend and looking for an easy travel workout? Green Mountain at Fox Run fitness intern Shannon shows how you can strength train your upper body on the go this summer. Last week we featured a lower body travel workout for women using a Dyna-Band. All you need for the […]

Fitness Friday Video: Lower Body Travel Workout

No gym? No equipment? No problem! If you plan to travel this summer, Green Mountain at Fox Run has a few lower body workout moves you can do anywhere. Fitness intern Lindsey shows how you can strength train without equipment on the beach, from your hotel room, even in the backyard – all you need is this […]

Guest Post: Learning to Listen to My Body

Today we present a guest post by Green Mountain alum, Julia Newman, on letting go of rules around exercise and learning to listen to her body. At one point, Julia only used exercise as another diet, her activities guided by rules and mired in measurements. Needless to say, it wasn’t enjoyable or sustainable. Today, Julia has […]

Fitness Friday Video: The Only Power Moves You Need

We all know there are major benefits to strength training: to build muscle strength and endurance, develop strong bones, aid healthy weight management, reduce risk of energy, and help manage some chronic conditions. But sometimes life gets in the way and strength training falls down the list of priorities. It happens to us, too. At […]

Fitness Friday Video: Getting More from Your Core

Many women have the misconception that working the core = abdominal exercises. While abs are a major component of the core, so are the back and the muscles around the pelvis. And the stronger all of them are, the better your balance, stability and posture will be. As a result, activities become easier, from mundane […]

Fitness Friday Video: Relax with a Neck Roll

What a pain in the neck! It’s the end of the week, and chances are you might be carrying stress in your neck and shoulders. Neck tension is uncomfortable and relaxing with a neck roll can feel like the next best thing to a massage, but it’s important to do it the right way to […]

Too Fat For Yoga? Think Again!

There are more resources than ever about yoga for plus-size women. Green Mountain at Fox Run interviews Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of Curvy Yoga, about why it’s great for every shape, size and ability. Namaste! Anna, why did you start practicing yoga? I think some kind of bodily discomfort (pain, injury, inflexibility, etc.) brings many people […]

Start Exercising Outdoors with these Online Resources

Here at Green Mountain, we encourage intrinsic exercise, being active because it is something you want to do, not something you should do. Both of our fitness interns, Shannon and Lindsey, are Georgia natives and are psyched for the warmer weather. Not surprisingly, they find it a lot more enjoyable to exercise outdoors when the […]

Fitness Friday Video: Should I Use Ice or Heat?

The fitness team at Green Mountain hears this question a lot: How do I know when to ice or heat an injury? Whether you’re treating shin splints, trying to alleviate plantar fasciitis pain, or nursing other common injuries that affect your exercise routine, using ice and heat properly can make a big difference in getting […]

Fitness Friday Video: How to Treat Shin Splints

You don’t have to be a serious runner to experience shin splints or other chronic lower-leg injuries, such as plantar fasciitis. Any exercise that requires a heel-to-toe movement, such as hiking or walking (these are popular activities at Green Mountain), can overwork the anterior tibialis and leave you with nagging shin pain. Other common causes […]

Fitness Friday Video: The Do’s and Don’ts of Treating Plantar Fasciitis

It happened to me during my fourth week as a participant at Green Mountain. The sudden increase in activity through Green Mountain’s fitness classes — including aerobics and hill climbing after being relatively sedentary for years — caused my right foot to surrender to plantar fasciitis. A frustrating and often chronic condition of the heel, […]

Fitness Friday Video: The Right Way to Breathe During Exercise

Does this happen to you, too? During strength training classes, when the instructor tells the class to inhale, I find myself exhaling and vice versa. I knew that there had to be a trick to remembering how to breathe properly during exercise, so I asked Green Mountain at Fox Run senior fitness specialist LynnAnn Covell […]