Fitness Friday: The Unfortunate Reality of Thigh Chafing

Let’s be real for a moment. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to become more active, only for your efforts to be hampered by an annoyance like thigh chafing. Here we are trying to move our bodies and what do we get? Red, irritated skin that hurts when we move and makes us walk […]

Fitness Friday: Meet the Team!

This year, we added another member to our fitness team. In this Q&A, get to know Green Mountain fitness specialist, Masha Proshutina. Not to be confused with Marsha Hudnall, our fearless co-owner and president. What are the chances of having a Masha and a Marsha on our team? We don’t know, but we like it! […]

Fitness Friday: My Summer Workout Playlist

Ah, other than blue skies and warmer weather, one of the other things that makes me look forward to working out is a brand spankin’ new playlist. Good music makes every class more fun, every walk feel shorter, and every set of repetitions feel more doable. Don’t you agree? Earlier this year I posted one […]

Fitness Friday: Your Outdoor Gym

As I was hustling to get out of work yesterday to run an errand, I stepped out into the beautiful  60 degree night and almost ran smack into our fitness specialist, Masha, who was doing “repeater knees” on a step. She had her earbuds in and was working up a sweat, so I decided to […]

Taking a Walk with Intention

Now that it’s FINALLY warming up, taking a walk everyday may be more realistic for some of us. Walking soothes your mind; connects you with your body; and helps you manage anxiety, cope with the blues, and improve your happiness. Here are a few ideas about how to conceptualize taking a walk without having it be […]

Fitness Friday: Truly Legit Reasons to Exercise

Today’s post by Jill C originally ran earlier this year, and I thought it was especially relevant given an amazing image that was being shared around Facebook yesterday that was created by This is Not a Diet – It’s Your Life. Read below about how Jill was able to stop using exercise as a diet […]

Fitness Friday: Take A Walk with Me

The down drop of the blackbird, The wing catch of arrested flight, The stop midway and then off: off for triangles, circles, loops of new hieroglyphs— This is April’s way: a woman: “O yes, I’m here again and your heart knows I was coming. -Carl Sandburg It’s been a long winter just about everywhere, and […]

Shaking Up Your Fitness Routine – Getting Unstuck

I have a confession: I’ve maintained pretty much the same fitness routine in the year and a half since I left Green Mountain at Fox Run. That routine consisted of strength training with barbells and free weights, beginning step classes and yoga. In January, I decided I needed to make some changes. I was sick […]

Why the Scale Sucks: A Cautionary Tale

Back in January, I announced I was doing Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day-Shred. I’m about halfway through, my ambition waning somewhat in March after a strong start in January and February. If I retrace my progress, I am pretty sure I can link my “waning ambition” back to an unfortunate incident with a scale. Although my primary […]

Committed to Keeping a Committment – Part 2

A few weeks ago I talked about undertaking the “30-day shred,” a Jillian Michaels DVD that combines cardio and strength in a short 20-minute video. I have always struggled with the perception that I can’t keep a commitment, so my public pledge really was more to complete the 30 days than to get “shredded.” So, […]

Fitness Friday: An Uphill Battle, Literally

Earlier this week, Robyn blogged about how when we fall into the trap of inactivity, it can feel difficult to get out of it. Lately, one of Newton’s Laws of Motion is ringing true in my life: “Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion­ in a straight line unless it is […]

Committed to Keeping A Commitment

Two weeks ago I did something crazy. I declared on Facebook that I was starting Jillian Michaels’ (yes, that Jillian Michaels) “30 Day Shred” video. The promise is that you can “lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days.” Well, I know better than that. That’s not why I wanted to do the video. It’s […]

Fitness Friday: My Workout Playlist

I have to admit, when it comes to working out, I’m a hip-hop girl. That kind of music makes it fun for me; I feel like I’m out dancing with friends, it doesn’t feel like exercise. So, if you’re adverse to hip hop, be forewarned! Because I’m sharing with you one of my favorite workout […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: After the Resolutions (Or Not)

Whether you made one New Year’s resolution, five New Year’s resolutions, or decided that resolutions don’t work for you, this time of year is a transitional period for each and every one of us. The holidays have ended, and with them the seasonal food torture. Now relatives are out of sight, leftovers are no longer […]

Move Like a Kid for Weight Management

Skipping, running, jumping, twirling, dancing… sounds like the typical 6-year-old, doesn’t it? How many of us had weight management problems when we were 6? I’m not trying overgeneralize, but I’m going to do just that: Most of us didn’t have a hard time managing our weight when we were kids. True, true – there are […]

Fashion Friday: Inspirational Jewelry for Exercise Motivation!

Fitspiration: Wearable Motivation One of my friends tattooed her wrist with the letters M-O-V-E. What a great idea, I thought! Body art as fitness inspiration and exercise motivation! But for those of us less bold or afraid of needles, I think inspirational jewelry can serve as a continuous reminder to take care of ourselves in […]

Six Holiday Energy Booster Tips

Do you already feel worn out from the holidays? Are you wishing you could fast forward through December to a time you won’t feel as stressed or tired? Even in the midst of all the holiday madness, there are a few easy things you can do to prevent stress, create energy and feel great. #1 […]

Move that body!

Find a friend. Take a walk.  Have a conversation. Move that body!  It helps manage emotions and feels good. Exercise is becoming the new medicine. It increases life span; prevents heart disease, stroke and diabetes; lowers cancer rates and blood pressure; improves cholesterol; treats glaucoma, arthritis and osteoporosis; fights Alzheimer’s, depression and dementia; writes David […]

Fitness Friday Video: Hula Hooping 101

We’ve seen a resurgence of hula hooping since it caught on in the 1950s. Today, it’s generally known as just “hooping” or “hoopdance,” and it’s a great way to socialize while reaping the benefits of exercise. I interviewed Green Mountain fitness intern Melissa about her hooping skills. You’ll see a bit of them in the […]

Fitness Friday: Embarrassing Fitness Stories

One goal of our program is to help participants see that fitness can be fun by trying all kinds of activities – hooping, swimming, hiking, dance, you name it. But, did you know fitness can also be funny? Today, we’re sharing our most embarrassing and funny fitness stories for your amusement, starting with one of […]