I Feel Good! Taking a Different Approach to Weight Loss

I feel good.  Go figure. I mean, really, I didn’t expect to feel so good.  When I enrolled in Green Mountain’s program, I expected to find a new diet, a new miracle cure or some secret equation to help me lose weight.  There, I admit it! A Different Approach to Weight Loss My focus when […]

5 Tips to Jumpstart a Feel-Good Summer

Focus on Feeling Good Instead of Losing Weight Next week marks the beginning of May. After the long, hard winter we’ve just been through in the US, thoughts of the impending summer are more than welcome. But with summer also comes thoughts of shorts, bathing suits and, all too often, how to jump start weight […]

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

Now these are some healthy living New Year’s resolutions I can get behind.  Do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes out today to watch this video — it’s a great way to start the week.  Then go have a fabulous one! Thanks to Chris Brogan for bringing this to our attention. Ignore the ads […]

Self-Esteem Vs Self-Acceptance

I watch a lot of infomercials – always have. I find them far more entertaining than the regular programming. I particularly enjoy weight-loss focused infomercials, including the next greatest exercise, the next greatest diet, the next greatest supplement, the next greatest way of thinking to-lose-weight-mercials. You could call it an pre-occupational hazard J. For years […]

Do What You Can, Even if it’s Not Perfect

“I think every writer would rather have people read books, committed as we are to the word. But I’d rather have them listen to it than not at all.” FRANK McCOURT, on the growing popularity of audio books.   One of the “trick questions” Green Mountain’s Fitness Director, LynnAnn Covell likes to ask participants is […]

A Tale of Two Kitties

As interesting as they were to watch and anthropomorphically ponder, what I find noteworthy was that these two sisters – twins, if you will – managed to have completely incompatible eating styles, temperaments, and opposite body types! With genetics factored out, environment factored out, and the idea of considering food an “addiction” for a cat absurd, what could explain these differences?