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Are Fat Camps for Kids a Good Idea?

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Summer is drawing to a close so the topic of today's post might seem a little late.  But as ABC continues its new show Huge about life at a teenage fat camp, I thought it would be a worthwhile discussion.  Oh, and I also wrote a long post about it yesterday on the blog for the International Food Information Council […] Read more »

Where’s The Boot Camp For Your Head?

By Cindy Bishop

I lived in California for 25 years. Most of it in the Bay area, but I did spend five years working in West Hollywood.  Lots of folks poo-poo Hollyweird, but I’m a little weird myself, so I actually enjoyed living there.  I know five years isn’t a lifetime, but I think it qualifies me to say confidently, that underneath the […] Read more »


The Biggest Loser: Just A Fat Camp With Big Ratings

By Cindy Bishop

Every week I talk to a surprising number of women who have either applied for The Biggest Loser, or have seriously considered it. It just goes to show that otherwise intelligent women will still consider doing just about anything for the promise of big weight loss. They acknowledge it might include some serious humiliation, starvation, and the occasional need for […] Read more »