It Happened This Week: Full-Figured Fashion, Bogus BMI and Drop Dead Divas

By Emily

We’ve featured a few posts about plus-sized fashion this week. Last week marked the first-ever Full Figured Fashion Week (see models for the event posing on the left). The Daily Beast has interviews with the designers while The Frisky says: “Plus-Size Women Get Their Own Fashion Week, But Is That Enough?” Check out this healthy advice from the world’s top […] Read more »


Hello! I AM A WOMAN!

By Gina V.

I spent a wonderful long weekend in Manhattan with the opportunity for retail aerobics (shopping), facials, hair appointments – or in other words, female fun-stuff. Well at least I thought I was a female, until I visited a branch of a nationwide department store, which in my experience had always offered high quality as well as a very extensive selection […] Read more »