Fitness Friday Video: The Right Way to Breathe During Exercise

Does this happen to you, too? During strength training classes, when the instructor tells the class to inhale, I find myself exhaling and vice versa. I knew that there had to be a trick to remembering how to breathe properly during exercise, so I asked Green Mountain at Fox Run senior fitness specialist LynnAnn Covell […]

Fitness Friday Video: How Do I Stretch This Muscle?

Why is it that I can barely remember how to stretch my muscles when I’m doing strength training on my own? I would bet that I’m not alone here; stretching seems to be something we want to hurry through or just skip all together if no one is watching. And it’s not just that we […]

Fitness Friday: Standing Abdominals

We talk a lot about strength training for the abs and back in our Fitness Friday posts. The primary reason is that lower back pain is one of the most common complaints we hear from women who come to Green Mountain at Fox Run. If your ab muscles are weak, then undue pressure is probably […]

Fitness Friday: Rear Leg Lifts

One of the most popular exercises for toning and strengthening the glutes are rear leg lifts. They can be done in the prone position or in a four-point position. If you choose the four-point position, it’s especially important to make sure your back is protected. After all, what good is strengthening your rear only to hurt your […]

Fitness Friday: Avoiding Low Back Pain

As we get older, most of us will find ourselves dealing with low back pain at some point in our lives. At Green Mountain, we are especially aware of how restricting low back pain can be, especially as people are starting exercise routines. We offer a class called “Back Care with Exercises” and our participants […]

Motivation to Exercise

Getting motivated to start moving can be a tough thing.    I actually enjoy exercise, it’s just the getting off the couch that is the hardest part. I often talk about “bribing myself to exercise.”  For example, my treadmill is constantly set up with a mini DVD player in the magazine rack and speakers in the […]

It Happened This Week: The Fat Thin, Body Image, Bungy Jumping & Getting Miz on Ellen

Even the thin can be fat, as pointed out in a Mayo Clinic study covered in the Wall Street Journal this week.  “Normal weight obesity” affects almost 30 million Americans, according to the researchers.  Which to me supports the health at every size (HAES) message that it’s our health, not our size, that’s really worthy […]

Four Things I Learned At Green Mountain At Fox Run

After living, participating, and working at Green Mountain at Fox Run for three months, my time here is coming to an end. This time next week I will be on my way back to Memphis to start the next phase of my life. Leaving Green Mountain will be a bittersweet experience for sure as I’ve […]

It Happened This Week: Holiday Tips, Kickboxing, Self-Talk, and Helping Yourself

The holidays are coming!  The holidays are coming!  Are you ready?  Thanksgiving is just days away and soon Christmas and New Year’s will be here, too.  To help get ready, read over these tips for staying healthy during the holidays.  And check out an interview of Marsha on PyschCentral’s blog Weightless about how to navigate the misguided holiday […]

Dealing With Exercise Interruptions

You don’t have to live long to realize things don’t always go as planned.  This seems especially true in regards to healthy living.  The best laid plans for eating right and exercising can be thrown askew by hundreds of minute or major interruptions, like or getting sick. For me, a four day sickness came to […]

It Happened This Week: Debunked Myths, The Power of the Food Culture And Yoga

Woman’s Day has 7 common weight-management myths debunked, including eating after certain hours and thinking carbs (or fat) is bad. If you’ve been looking for a great gluten free grain option, why not try inCYST on the Best’s food of the week – buckwheat?  Btw, Monika of inCYST is here next week as part of […]

Do What You Can, Even if it’s Not Perfect

“I think every writer would rather have people read books, committed as we are to the word. But I’d rather have them listen to it than not at all.” FRANK McCOURT, on the growing popularity of audio books.   One of the “trick questions” Green Mountain’s Fitness Director, LynnAnn Covell likes to ask participants is […]