25 Ways to Spot a Lousy Fitness Instructor

Upon arriving at a local spinning studio for the first time, I stood alone noticing the social comradarie of the “regulars” around me. The instructor came over to greet me and asked if I had ever done spinning before; I responded yes. She then walked around the room, stopping and chatting with a young woman […]

Enjoyable Exercise: The “New” Approach to Fitness

The desire to be thin is often what drives people to exercise at an intensity level that isn’t necessarily the best for them.

How To Avoid a Suffer-Fest With Exercise (But Still Get Fit)

Do you feel like if you aren’t hurtin’ you’re not workin’ with exercise? That soreness and pushing yourself to the max are necessary to get fit? If not – kudos! If so – you aren’t alone. Many people think that the fastest way to get in shape is to push the body to the brink […]

Fitness Video Series: How To Best Begin An Exercise Program

This video is the first in our fitness video series with LynnAnn Covell – Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Fitness Manager and L.I.F.E. Coach! LynnAnn has been a leader at Green Mountain for over 20 years. In these videos, she uses her extensive experience working with all fitness levels to share both tips as well as specific exercises […]

Are You Using Exercise As A Diet?

Did you know that our movement patterns tend to mirror our eating patterns? Yep. So, if you gravitate toward weight loss food diets odds are that you are ‘exercise dieting’ as well. What is exercise dieting… and why it isn’t helpful Exercise dieting is no pain/no gain exercise so punitive in nature (think: boot camps) and unfortunately […]

Is Jogging Really Bad For You?

Study: Strenuous Joggers As Likely To Die As Sedentary Non-Joggers I have to admit I did an internal victory dance (like the ones football players do when they score a touchdown) after reading about the study posted by the Journal of American College of Cardiology, which reported that jogging is bad for you – well, […]

How to Awaken Your “Inner Athlete” (yeah, she’s in there)

Connect With Your Body Through Movement A big part of the Green Mountain at Fox Run healthy living program is fitness. Or a better term might be “movement.” [div class=”callout-left”]Read Our Most Frequently Asked Questions[end-div]The idea is that through movement, we connect with our bodies. And the more connected we are, the more our bodies can […]

5 Ways to Spring Into Movement After a Long Winter

It happened overnight. Or at least it felt like it in Vermont. One day it was snowing and the next it was 80 degrees! Spring is always a great time at Green Mountain – our participants are pumped to get moving after winter and enjoy the sunshine. At home, you can, too! Our Top 5 […]

Fitness Friday: Feeling Booby-Trapped?

Finding A Good Athletic Bra Boobs, Boobs, Glorious Boobs! Small ones, large ones, round, oblong and re-constructed ones, boobs with a mind of their own, pointing north and pointing south. Today it’s all about where to find good athletic gear for the girls. [div class=”callout-right”]Read Related Article: Clothing for Curvy Girls[end-div]Finding a good athletic bra that […]

Fitness Friday: Foam Rollers for Beginners

Foam Rollers Massage, Loosen Tight Muscles You don’t have to be a marathon runner or even a frequent exerciser to have tight knots and sore quads, hamstrings, calves, IT bands, or even backs. Starting a new exercise routine can do it, and being inactive can actually be a culprit. One of our favorite fitness bloggers, […]

When You Need Exercise the Most

When you don’t want to exercise, that’s when you might need it the most An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but walking 30 minutes a day can keep the blues away. Research shows that daily, moderate exercise can not only prevent depression but is also effective in treating depression. Since one in […]

How to Keep Your Exercise Going

A Q&A with Green Mountain’s Program Director Erin Risius, MA, joined Green Mountain at Fox Run at the end of 2013 as program director. She brings a dual background in fitness and counseling and discusses how Green Mountain’s fitness program helps women make liveable, doable lifestyle changes.  How does Green Mountain help women make fitness […]

Winter Fitness & Fun for Healthy Weights

A Texas girl finds winter fun in Vermont Up here in Vermont, you might say that we have no choice but to look with fondness at winter sports. Winter lasts a while here, and if you’re going to be stuck inside the whole time, it becomes interminable. But as a girl from Texas, I could […]

Why an Exercise Ball Belongs on Your Holiday Wish List

An Exercise Ball – My Best Discovery Ever? Not quite, but almost. Other than my first iPod, which I got back in 2005 or so, I’m pretty sure the exercise ball is my 2nd best discovery ever. I had never used an exercise ball before coming to Green Mountain. I saw people in my office […]

7 Keys to Success When Choosing a Trainer or Fitness Facility

Today’s guest blogger is Rochelle Rice, a New York City-based professional dedicated to empowering women of size by connecting the body, the mind, and the heart through focus, movement, and breath. She offers 7 tips on choosing a trainer or fitness facility that supports your needs and offers a size-friendly environment, which can be important […]

The Biggest Loser: The Case of the Caffeine Pills

If it wasn’t clear already, after this week it should be. “The Biggest Loser” is not about health. It’s not about fitness. It’s not about long-lasting, long-term strategies for weight management. It’s about losing weight at all costs. I don’t watch the show, but paid some attention to it this week because of First Lady […]

Fitness Friday: When Your Fitness Motivation Takes a Hike

How do we reclaim our fitness motivation when it disappears or goes for a long hike? I’m writing today’s blog post as much for myself as anyone else. I had a few injuries this year that caused me to temporarily give up some of my favorite ways to exercise – most notably Zumba and hiking. […]

Fitness Friday: Your Fall Workout Playlist

It’s been a few months since our last workout playlist, which means there is lots of new music out there (and old) that is great for working out. I asked some of our staff members what their favorite workout songs of the moment are, so their recommendations are intermingled with mine*: Avicii, Wake Me Up […]

40 Ways to Add More Movement to Your Life

Today’s blog post was written by Monica Preisig, Green Mountain fitness intern, and is part of our top-40 series to mark Green Mountain’s 40th anniversary. Opportunistic Exercise Whether you are feeling stuck and unmotivated with your fitness routine, or are struggling with being active at all, one of the things we recommend at Green Mountain […]

Fitness Friday: Hiking Plymouth Vista Then and Now

So, here’s the thing… I live in Illinois. We don’t have mountains. We barely have hills. The only incline you are going to find is on a treadmill or the steps to the 94th floor of the John Hancock building. I first visited Green Mountain at Fox Run the summer of 2011. I was out […]