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Dusting off the Exercise Equipment

By Robyn Priebe

This weekend called for some Spring cleaning at my house.  One room I tackled was our home exercise room.  I must admit it didn't get much use this Winter since once I started exercising outdoors last year, I can no longer bring myself to use my treadmill.  Previously I adored it, but once you get a taste of outdoor running, it's […] Read more »

Tennis Anyone?

By Cindy Bishop

I just read a blog post entitled, “Exercise Equipment You Don’t Need” by Kalvin Chinyere, M.D. , whose blog, ‘Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Tips’ , includes some wise and down-to-earth advice, so you should check it out. Included was this little gem to a reader, “Always establish the habit for free if you can. Then spend money on it.” When […] Read more »

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