‘eating well during the holidays’

Just Saying No to Holiday Overeating

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

We’ve all been there before. Grandma made her special dish and wants so much for us to eat some. Our friend is dying for the holiday cookies but doesn’t want to eat by herself. We’re staring down a bowl of nuts but really aren’t hungry. Do we go ahead and eat, even though we really don’t want to? You probably […] Read more »

Holiday Survival Tips: Tackling Turkey & Beyond

By Robyn Priebe

Thanksgiving is One Day A Year It’s that time of year when everywhere we turn we hear people providing weight loss information tips on how to stick to your healthy eating goals on Thanksgiving Day. This is a subject we talk about often in our healthy weight loss program at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Being prepared for the holiday […] Read more »