Too Fat For Yoga? Think Again!

There are more resources than ever about yoga for plus-size women. Green Mountain at Fox Run interviews Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of Curvy Yoga, about why it’s great for every shape, size and ability. Namaste! Anna, why did you start practicing yoga? I think some kind of bodily discomfort (pain, injury, inflexibility, etc.) brings many people […]

Celebrate International No-Diet Day with Green Mountain!

International No-Diet Day is Sunday, May 6. Twenty years ago, Mary Evans Young of the British group Diet Breakers founded the holiday out of her own struggles with her body and weight. A non-diet day. She observed how much time and energy women devoted to their diets and raised the question: “What do you think […]

It Happened This Week: Green Tea, Eating Your Sunscreen & Dieting Daughters

Have you been drinking green tea to speed weight loss?  If so, read what the LA Times has to say about the claims. Summer may be coming to a close but there's still plenty of sun in our future.  And that means, of course, that we still need to watch out for those damaging rays.  […]

Structured Meals Versus Dieting

It's easy to see how the idea of working with structured meals for weight loss (i.e. eating at regular times and starting with a base quantity and balance, like the Green Mountain Plate Model) could get confused with dieting, if one forgets about permission and flexibility.  If I use a Plate Model or standard portion […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday: Strategies for Indulgence

Happy International No Diet Day, everyone!  Started in 1992 by Mary Evans Young, the director of Diet Breakers in the U.K., this holiday seeks to do what we at Green Mountain at Fox Run try to do on a daily basis: help people practice permission in regards to food consumption, and let go of diet mentality.  […]

Diet Exposure

Last year my niece, who was 5 at the time, reported to her mother at dinner one night that she was “on a diet.”  My sister was shocked since the word “diet” has never come out of her mouth or her husband’s.  My sister does model healthy eating for her daughter.  So where did this little […]

Losing Big Weight Gains Ratings for NBC

NBC (a network w/ lackluster ratings), is a big winner with The Biggest Loser.  So, why did this show bring in such impressive ratings for its finale last Wednesday night?  One might argue the spectacle of witnessing dramatic and inspirational human transformation – or simply the spectacle. NBC executives announced last year that their show […]

When Does Dieting or “Better Health” Become Destructive? Part II

Last week I submitted a post with the title, “When Does Dieting or “Better Health” Become Destructive?, not really intending it to be a two-part post. But I’ve spent the past week thinking about the comment posted by Jenny (“I have often been worried that my own attitude towards food could easily turn into something […]

Tricking Your Brain Into Thinness – Dieting Gimmick or Gimmicky Diet?

Did anyone catch ABC’s 20/20 last Friday?  Titled The Fat Factor, the producers must have figured FAT would be an interesting topic as millions of American’s sat in front of their TV sets feeling overfed and perhaps a little bit guilty about their late night turkey sandwich. After talking to Wynonna Judd and Carnie Wilson […]

Weight Gain & Higher Learning – The Freshman 15

It’s the middle of freshman year for many university women across this body conscious land of ours – a time when many may be facing a frustrating realization: they’ve gained weight. A recent Seattle Times article regarding the ‘Freshman 15’ (the few pounds many of us gain immediately after leaving home and attending college), caught […]

Does This Make Me Look Fat, continued

Talk about coincidence! I got this email from a friend shortly after I wrote my last post cautioning against starting down the road of comparing which leads to a dead end and crash. PS – Amy is feeling much better now, having gotten her perspective realigned after a few reminders of what she has accomplished, […]

Who's Fat?

A friend wrote me an email that I’d like to share with you today… Okay, so I’m caught watching MTV – but I saw this show called “True Life” subtitled, “I’m Obese” They followed 3 kids struggling with their weight. I couldn’t get over this 17-year-old kid who kept repeating, “When I lose weight I’ll […]

A Tale of Two Kitties

As interesting as they were to watch and anthropomorphically ponder, what I find noteworthy was that these two sisters – twins, if you will – managed to have completely incompatible eating styles, temperaments, and opposite body types! With genetics factored out, environment factored out, and the idea of considering food an “addiction” for a cat absurd, what could explain these differences?