Beyond the Diet Mentality: Chocolate, Pleasure and Eating What You Want

It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to red hearts, cards sent, given to or received from loved ones, and, of course, chocolate. How did chocolate become the symbol of love on Valentine’s Day? According to at least one story I found on the Internet, the Aztecs viewed chocolate as an aphrodisiac. Long […]

How I Finally Gave Up Dieting

One of our Slim Chance Award judges and favorite bloggers, Annabel Adams, let go of dieting for good last year. Think you’re ready, too? Annabel has 8 questions for you to answer to get you started. Last year, I did something unheard of: I gave up dieting. This may not seem like a big deal, […]

Nominate The Worst Weight Loss Schemes of 2013

Another Day, Another Diet Do you just shake your head when you see an insane infomercial for yet another weight loss product? Or do you get frustrated when you hear a friend tell you she is starting a ridiculous diet that you know will make her struggles worse? Now is the time to help Green […]

Shaking Good-or-Bad Thinking (and Weight Struggles?) for Good

We talk a lot about all-or-nothing thinking and good-or-bad thinking on our blog because it’s a big deal. After so many years of subscribing to this school of thought, whether we even know it or not, it’s hard to shake – like a lingering cold. But shake it we must, for it only draws out […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: Candy, Buffets and Weddings… Oh My!

The Binge Eating Diaries is a monthly column by Green Mountain alum Jacki Monaco on surviving and thriving with Binge Eating Disorder.  It’s been quite the month, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve been to Las Vegas to visit my parents, taken my first trip to Disneyland, and attended a dear friend’s wedding (oh, and then there […]

Getting to Know Green Mountain Therapist, Lisa Claudia Briggs

Recently, Lisa Claudia Briggs joined the Green Mountain team as Behavior Leader. Get to know her in this Q&A. Starting in October, Lisa will be blogging on Mondays. What brought you to Green Mountain? I’ve known and admired the work done at Green Mountain for a long time. I was here as a participant 32 […]

Swimsuit Season: Try on Self Compassion

Memorial Day, officially founded to remember the sacrifices by those in the military who have died while serving their country, has unofficially come to mark the beginning of swimsuit season. As well as the calendar date many women have circled in red for when they want to be “bikini ready.” As it often goes with […]

When Being Good Is Bad

So you want to make a change happen.  You want to add more healthy foods or more exercise to your life.  And always is the struggle of having to do it right, having to be perfect, wanting to be GOOD. For most of us there is no such thing as being  good enough or perfect […]

Think Like A Cat for Weight Management?

I wish I knew who devised this non-dieter’s delight, but I think we can safely assume it was someone with a fine furry friend. The important thing is, it makes me smile. So, for all of you out there still struggling to find new ways to manage your weight, and tired of the same old […]

Mindful Eating Series: Can You Hear What Your Cells Are Saying?

This is the fifth post in our series exploring the seven hungers — eye hunger, nose hunger, mouth hunger, stomach hunger, cellular hunger, mind hunger and heart hunger — as discussed in Jan Chozen Bay’s book Mindful Eating.  Each hunger provides a unique voice to help you discover your relationship to food and the body.  […]

Mindful Eating Series: Is This Real Stomach Hunger?

Today is the fourth post in our series on mindful eating and the seven hungers, as identified by Jan Chozen Bays. Eye hunger, nose hunger, mouth hunger, stomach hunger, cellular hunger, mind hunger and heart hunger — each of these hungers provide a unique lens through which to investigate your relationship to food and the […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: What’s Your Number?

This post is an installment in “The Binge Eating Diaries” series by Green Mountain alum Jacki Monaco on her experience with binge eating disorder. Follow Jacki every other Thursday as she shares the discoveries she’s made on her journey to health and happiness. The scale has never been my friend. But in all honesty, has […]

Celebrate International No-Diet Day with Green Mountain!

International No-Diet Day is Sunday, May 6. Twenty years ago, Mary Evans Young of the British group Diet Breakers founded the holiday out of her own struggles with her body and weight. A non-diet day. She observed how much time and energy women devoted to their diets and raised the question: “What do you think […]

Top 10 Diet Rules to Forget

Actually, we say to ignore all diet rules.  But Spry Living asked me to pick out 10 that rank at the top of the list.  Here’s what I came up with. Ask the average person to describe healthy eating, and it’s likely they’ll mention advice they learned from diets. Diet rules have become so ingrained […]

Changing Thinking: Scrutinize Your Dissatisfaction

Disillusionment can be heartbreaking, especially when we’re disillusioned about a reality that never happened. You imagined yourself somehow different: all-achieving, in control, showing no signs of aging and, gee, it didn’t turn out that way. You feel let down by, what? By your imagined reality? Pay Attention to Your Self-Talk The first step towards uncovering your […]

It Happened This Week – Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow Criticized During NEDA Week

In honor of this being National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, today the focus is on women’s body image in the public eye. And there has been plenty of talk on this topic recently… On his radio show on Monday, Rush Limbaugh criticized Michelle Obama’s dinner. The First Lady, whose wellness initiatives hope to teach children about fitness […]

It Happened This Week: Good Nutrition=Good Hunger, A New Version of Us, Mindful Tweeting

This little guy’s days are numbered!  —-> Margarita over at the blog Weightless posted a great interview with the authors of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook who suggest avoiding the abundant diet-mentality-centered advice you hear at this time of year. Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel suggest the best advice to follow during the holidays comes from your own internal […]

Thanks for Noticing…but Sshhhh!

"Wow, you look skinny!" These four well-intended words bother the hell out of me. Thanks to my job at Green Mountain at Fox Run, I have enjoyed a wonderful side benefit of becoming healthier.  One of the symptoms of my new-found focus on health was losing some excess weight, and I've heard about it ever since.  Friends […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday: Strategies for Indulgence

Happy International No Diet Day, everyone!  Started in 1992 by Mary Evans Young, the director of Diet Breakers in the U.K., this holiday seeks to do what we at Green Mountain at Fox Run try to do on a daily basis: help people practice permission in regards to food consumption, and let go of diet mentality.  […]

Diet Tools – Don’t Be One

We had a pretty good discussion in class today about “diet tools.”  Diet tools are anything that we use to rigidly control our eating. They usually reinforce feelings of restriction and deprivation.  Common examples are food scales, obsessive food journaling, the bathroom scale, measuring cups and measuring spoons, etc.  Another less obvious “diet tool” may […]