Is It Any Wonder? Diet Advice from the Past

My daughter Lesley was at Green Mountain for the past month, going through our women's wellness program.  When she wasn't in class or out on a hike or other fun fitness activity, she pitched in with good cheer and willingness to do whatever needed to be done at a moment's notice.  As anyone who runs […]

Requiem for a Fad Diet Author

I just learned that the author of the Beverly Hills Diet died a few days ago. There’s nothing in particular I have to say about this, or the diet, that wasn’t brilliantly summed up in a post on diet blog. Briefly, the post talks about formulas for these types of books: pseudo-scientific theories, celebrity testimonials, […]

Tricking Your Brain Into Thinness – Dieting Gimmick or Gimmicky Diet?

Did anyone catch ABC’s 20/20 last Friday?  Titled The Fat Factor, the producers must have figured FAT would be an interesting topic as millions of American’s sat in front of their TV sets feeling overfed and perhaps a little bit guilty about their late night turkey sandwich. After talking to Wynonna Judd and Carnie Wilson […]