Warning: Dieting Increases Your Risk of Gaining MORE Weight

New Year = Diet Time! Anyone who’s struggled with weight knows what that first Monday in a New Year means — it’s diet time! Even if we manage to escape the temptation on our own, television and magazines everywhere urge us on. Just about every diet program is flooding the airwaves with pitches built on […]

It Happened This Week: Good Nutrition=Good Hunger, A New Version of Us, Mindful Tweeting

This little guy’s days are numbered!  —-> Margarita over at the blog Weightless posted a great interview with the authors of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook who suggest avoiding the abundant diet-mentality-centered advice you hear at this time of year. Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel suggest the best advice to follow during the holidays comes from your own internal […]

Is It Any Wonder? Diet Advice from the Past

My daughter Lesley was at Green Mountain for the past month, going through our women's wellness program.  When she wasn't in class or out on a hike or other fun fitness activity, she pitched in with good cheer and willingness to do whatever needed to be done at a moment's notice.  As anyone who runs […]