‘Managing Diabetes’

It Happened This Week: Fad Diets, Fortified Junk Food and BlogHer

By Emily on 07/31/2009

This week, we’ve talked a bit about our past diet foibles. We’ve all had them, whether it’s cutting out carbs or adult weight loss camps like the Biggest Loser. In the archived post “Requiem for a Fad Diet Author,” Marsha wonders why we keep falling for fad diet schemes. The Onion has a funny take on the school lunch debate: […] Read more »


It Happened This Week: Full-Figured Fashion, Bogus BMI and Drop Dead Divas

By Emily on 07/10/2009

We’ve featured a few posts about plus-sized fashion this week. Last week marked the first-ever Full Figured Fashion Week (see models for the event posing on the left). The Daily Beast has interviews with the designers while The Frisky says: “Plus-Size Women Get Their Own Fashion Week, But Is That Enough?” Check out this healthy advice from the world’s top […] Read more »


Diabetes Care Gets High-Tech: Gadgets Help You Manage

By Emily on 06/01/2009

We ran across this product recently and thought it was an interesting preview of things to come in terms of health care for people with chronic illnesses.  We’re not endorsing it or this method of diabetes management — we haven’t seen or tested it — but thought you might find it interesting, too. Research underscores that a healthy lifestyle is […] Read more »


It Happened This Week: Cookbooks, Miley, Beyonce and Oprah

By Emily on 05/22/2009

Diabetes Daily reviews “You Don’t Have to Be Diabetic to Love This Cookbook.” Teen idol Miley Cyrus created a stir on Twitter by writing about her jiggling thighs. The LA Times reports that insurance giant Kaiser Permanente now has farmers markets at many of their medical centers. The Calgary Herald says that one of Canada’s top obesity doctors says it’s […] Read more »


It Happened This Week: Vitamins, Chicken and Fat-Friendly Docs

By Emily on 05/15/2009

Green Mountain director Marsha Hudnall dishes her secrets for healthy living to USA Today: “The key is to understand what we really want. Sometimes it’s the doughnut, and sometimes it’s not.” While the notion of taking small steps may seem to conflict with the research Marsha discussed in Wednesday’s post, it really doesn’t because she’s talking about small steps as […] Read more »

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