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Heart Attacks in Diabetic Women More Likely to Be Fatal

By Laura Brooks

Women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes under the age of 65 are at a higher risk than their male counterparts for worse outcomes after heart attacks. “The female advantage with fewer cardiovascular events than in men at younger ages is attenuated once a woman has the diagnosis of diabetes,” report Dr. Anna Norhammar, Her team at Karolinska University […] Read more »

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Diabetes: American Idol Judge Randy Jackson Diabetes Webcast on Heart of Diabetes

By Laura Brooks

The American Heart Association wants the public to "Get in the K.N.O.W." about type 2 diabetes with American Idol Judge Randy Jackson.  Below is a youtube video of Randy Jackson talking about his part in the campaign to raise awareness about the disease. K.N.O.W stands for… Keeping active and maintaining a healthy body weight.A healthy body weight can reduce the […] Read more »

Diabetes: Denial and Depression

By Laura Brooks

Debbie Hendrick, from DiabetesMine, brings up a good point about what she calles the 3 D’s: diabetes, denial and depression. Writing women with type 2 diabetes she’s come to know, Blogger Hendrick writes that she is “shocked how so many…strong, beautiful ladies talk about denial and depression. One women voiced, ironically, that “she had a hard time getting out of bed that morning to […] Read more »