Green Leafy Vegetables – 5 Ways To Eat Them More Often

By Robyn Priebe

Many of us may be trying (or at least considering) eating more vegetables.  There’s one group of vegetables that gets a lot of attention for being loaded with nutrients that support our health, especially detoxification….green leafy vegetables.  I recall going to nutrition lecture as a teen and being shocked by the presenter’s recommendation to eat one pound of greens every day.  […] Read more »

Do You Need a Detox Diet?

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Detox diets continue to make headlines.  Indeed, the women who come to Green Mountain frequently ask about whether a detox diet is something they should consider.  I always answer that what we’re feeding them at Green Mountain provides the best support for helping your body eliminate toxins.  This article I wrote for Spry Living tells more. Experts claim we’re exposed […] Read more »

Leafy greens are powerhouses of nutrients needed for detoxing.