Changing for Me, Not for Others

By Robyn Priebe

A component of our new Food As Medicine Program at Green Mountain is food sensitivity testing.  We use LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) MRT (Mediator Release Testing) to assess for food and food-chemical sensitivities.  People experience a wide range of symptoms from food sensitivities, the most common of which are headaches, migraines, IBS, diarrhea, and fibromyalgia.  It's so interesting seeing the […] Read more »

Opportunity Eating

By Robyn Priebe

Oh good, everyone is in bed……what do we have in the kitchen? Opportunity eating can be eating food just because it’s available: Your co-worker bakes brownies for everyone at work and leaves them in the break room. The holidays roll around and the wide variety of food, and food abundance, leads to eating more. However there is another type of opportunity eating; […] Read more »

fridge at night

Diet Tools – Don’t Be One

By Robyn Priebe

We had a pretty good discussion in class today about “diet tools.”  Diet tools are anything that we use to rigidly control our eating. They usually reinforce feelings of restriction and deprivation.  Common examples are food scales, obsessive food journaling, the bathroom scale, measuring cups and measuring spoons, etc.  Another less obvious “diet tool” may be people in our lives […] Read more »

bathroom scale

How Eating as Much as You Want Can Help You Lose Weight

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

When I encourage people to eat as much as they want in their quest for healthy weight loss, the response is incredulous, to say the least.  “You’ve got to be kidding. If I took the brakes off, I’d eat anything and everything and lots of it.” The light begins to dawn when I ask, “Is that what you really want?” […] Read more »