Are You Obsessed With Food?

By Robyn Priebe

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Dieters Think About Food More Often Than ‘Normal Eaters’ It’s almost a given that as soon as you start a diet, you think about food more. There are physiological and psychological reasons for this. Both hinge on the fact that if food is restricted, we end up thinking about it more. Do you constantly […] Read more »


The Binge Eater’s Brain: When Health Problems Affect Your Diet

By Jacki Monaco

Since coming to Green Mountain two years ago, I have given myself permission to eat. A taste of anything and everything here and there, beautifully wrapped in “normal” portions and topped off with zero guilt. But now my binge eater’s brain is being challenged once again. For the past couple of months my stomach has not been working properly. Let’s […] Read more »

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The Last Supper Effect – Do You Suffer From It?

By Robyn Priebe

Here at Green Mountain at Fox Run, we often talk about common thinking errors people struggle with that set the stage for eating when not hungry, bingeing, overeating, or even eating foods we don’t like (or aren’t in the mood for).  One such thinking error is the “Last Supper Effect,” essentially, eat it all now since you won’t have it again in the future.  This […] Read more »

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Food Insecurity and Diets

By Robyn Priebe

After the little town our healthy weight loss spa resides in was hit hard by the flood waters of Irene, we lost our one and only grocery store.  As a result, our town grocery store has been operating out of a tent for the last four months.  As of today it will close completely for 10 days in order to move back into a building.  Now, I […] Read more »

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