Heavy Waiter Study Reveals Missing Piece in Mindless Eating Research

A recent study from the renowned Cornell mindless eating research lab suggests people of all sizes order more food when they’re served by larger-bodied waiters.

Defining Healthy Weight: What It Isn’t and What It Is

This week is meant to help change the conversation around weight during the third week in January.

5 Nutrition Myths DEBUNKED! (Round 1)

A typical day here at Green Mountain includes an hour or 2 of nutrition class where women come together and we discuss topics centered on food. We cover lots of ground. Topics like our gut health, food addiction, menopause, PCOS, metabolism, and how to feed ourselves and feed our families. With these discussions lots of […]

5 Foods You Should Never Eat: The Green Mountain Version

We’ve All Seen It… To anyone who has ever surfed the web, this needs no explanation.  We’ve all seen it, the advertisement lingering on the right hand side of your browser, the one with the over ripe helpless little banana illustration that frames the handwritten words “5 Foods You Should Never Eat”. It’s the same […]

Clearing Up Nutrition Confusion

Today’s post introduces Robyn Priebe, RD, our wonderfully capable registered dietitian who helps the women who come to our healthy weight loss spa sort through their confusion about healthy eating, to go home with a plan for eating that works for them. I recently noticed an article in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association […]