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Oh No, She Didn’t: Fat Shaming Kids on Halloween

By Lisa Christie

My Facebook newsfeed was blowing up yesterday with pictures of my friends’ kids all decked out for Halloween. Little Orphan Annies, dinosaurs, Spidermans, fairies and scary grim reapers… they all looked so excited. Then, I saw something truly terrifying. Even terrifying for Halloween. A story about a North Dakota woman who has said she’ll be handing out a letter to […] Read more »

Childhood disappointments

Disney’s Childhood Obesity Exhibit a Disaster

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special alert. Sorry, I couldn’t resist as Dr.Deah’s blog The Not So Wonderful World of Disney reminded me so much of my childhood watching Disney’s show on television, enthralled by stories and images that made a child’s heart sing. They’re not doing too well these days with that for kids […] Read more »

Disney's Glutton

We Stand Against Weight Bullying

By Lisa Christie

We’ve been meaning to share this picture for a while now. Green Mountain at Fox Run supports the “I Stand Against Weight Bullying” campaign, a response started by Marilyn Wann of Fat!So? to Georgia’s misguided and harmful Strong4Life campaign against childhood obesity. Take a look at the powerful messages others stand for in stopping weight bigotry. What would your picture […] Read more »

We Stand Against Weight Bullying

It Happened This Week – Title X Funding, Aretha Franklin, and Simple Changes for Weight Loss

By Chef Lisa

Many critics this week were decrying the effect proposed legislation might have on women’s health care. Several bills have been proposed recently that would decrease funding or even eradicate the Title X Family Planning program, which Nixon signed into law in 1970 to fund health clinics. One bill would stop all funding to any clinic which provides abortion services, despite […] Read more »

It Happened This Week: Helping without Harming – A Message to Michelle Obama

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

We began and end the week with wise words from Ellyn Satter.  Today, we focus on her message to Michelle Obama to stop talking about childhood obesity.  Ellyn encourages instead a focus on helping parents set up a healthy feeding environment that will support their children’s natural abilities to choose what’s right for their health.  Her feeding dynamics model which […] Read more »

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