Making Changes that Work: Green Mountain KISSes

Greetings! This is my first post in this brand New Year and I’m excited to kick off a focus we’re going to take for awhile on A Weight Lifted. Our aim is to help you discover the simplest things you can do to bring balance and enjoyment to your eating and your life. I’ll be […]

Redefining Normal, Then Becoming It

It’s interesting how 29 degrees is warm in February in Vermont, yet bone-chillingly cold in November or May…and bone-chillingly cold in Texas and other parts south any time of the year.  It’s all in what we get used to. The same idea can be applied to our behaviors around food. What do we think of […]

Education = Change

At any given point, you could stop by my house, wander up to my bedroom (which frankly is a strange thing for you to do) and take a peek at all of the books gathered by my bed.  Most of the time I have at least 2 to 3 books that I’m “actively” reading stacked […]

Healthy Lifestyle Changes That Will Take You Through The Holidays and Long After

Halloween is here and gone and that only means one thing:  Retailers everywhere getting their usual head start on the holidays.  ‘Deck the Halls’ playing  24/7 in your local Target, plastic wreaths swinging off every traffic light and  mass produced Christmas trees bundled up with twine and scrunched together by the dozens outside your grocery […]