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Gluten Intolerance vs. Celiac Disease: What’s the Difference?

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

At the conference I recently attended, several speakers spoke about a “super gluten” that was introduced into the US food supply a number of years ago.  They speculate it may be one reason we’re seeing increasing numbers of people who are sensitive to gluten. I haven’t been able to find any more info about super gluten, but if I do, […] Read more »

Gluten free meal if gluten free soy sauce is used

Is Gluten-Free the Next Big Weight Loss Diet?

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

You might ask what world I’m living in with that question if you’ve followed weight loss diets for any amount of time.  ‘Cuz you’d know that gluten-free has been around a while as a way to lose weight. I’m skeptical of the advice as a weight loss strategy in and of itself.  But I’m not so sure cutting out gluten […] Read more »