Apples: Creative Breakfast Ideas

You might think I’m obsessed with apples.  Over the last few weeks I have posted a collections of apple recipes, a post on Fiona Apple, and now this week a guest post about apples from a previous intern at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Janet Zimmerman, RD shares her breakdown on how to create an “apple dippin’ breakfast.”  […]

Add Variety to Breakfast with Granola

Homemade Breakfast Granola with Rolled Grains If you are looking for a way to add variety to your breakfast, granola can be a great vehicle for incorporating a wide variety of grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits into your morning meal. Traditional granola is made with oats, but you can substitute many different rolled/flaked grains. Great […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday – Cheddar Chive Muffins

This recipe was born when I felt like baking breakfast for my hubby. Problem is, he doesn’t like sweets first thing in the morning (remember my unconventional breakfasts post?), so I wanted to do something on the savory side. I considered the young chives striving in my garden and the amazing Grafton Cheddar (one of […]

Breakfast for Dinner?

 Last week I wrote about simplifying meal planning.  This morning as I stood in front of my fridge thinking that traditional breakfast foods like eggs or cereal were just not appealing, I got to thinking about how locked in we get to eating certain foods at certain times of the day.  I don't HAVE TO […]

Healthy Cooking Thursday: Unconventional Breakfasts

I believe in breakfast.  It's just awesome.  I could get into why you should eat breakfast or how important protein is at breakfast, but, as you can see, we've covered this a few times already here at A Weight Lifted.  Besides, most of our readers seem to be pretty smart and knowledgeable about a thing or […]

Healthy Eating: The Importance of Protein at Breakfast

Do you include a good source of protein in most of your breakfasts?  If you feel like you’re hungry much of the time even when eating well-balanced meals, try it as an experiment. This isn’t a new idea to many of us.  But I see enough bloggers either just discovering this, or still not having […]

In Defense of Breakfast

First thing in the morning, it’s all I can do to stumble to the coffee maker and press “brew.” Being someone who doesn’t cook much, making a hot breakfast, especially when I feel like a neanderthal, is a tall order. That’s why I’m a huge fan of instant oatmeal with chopped nuts and a few […]

Healthy Recipe For the Season: Asparagus Frittata

Writer Barbara Kingsolver loves asparagus. She’s planted it in rental homes, waited for it all year and describes it as what makes a place feel like home. It’s the first crop of the season. Fresh asparagus tastes like spring. “In the Netherlands, the first asparagus harvesting coincides with Father’s Day, when some restaurants offer all-asparagus […]

A Healthy Recipe for Gluten-Free Scones

Scones are a great breakfast nosh or the perfect afternoon snack–with a cup of tea, of course. You can also enjoy them without gluten. Today’s recipe comes courtesy of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Learn more about celiac disease. Makes 6-8 scones Ingredients: 1 cup of rice flour (brown or white) 1/2 cup of […]