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It Happened this Week: Bikini Season, Healthy Geezers and Ann Taylor

By Emily

Back in Skinny Jeans reminds us that there are more important things in life than being “bikini ready” for summer. Fred Cicetti, aka “The Healthy Geezer” wonders: Is it Safe to Exercise in Your 70s? The short answer is yes! Alternative Health Journal offers five great reasons not to fall for the latest fad diet. Forget weight loss pills. Successful […] Read more »


Blogging Contest: And the Winner Is

By Emily

We received a number of stellar entries to our very first blogging contest in honor of our Mother-Daughter-Sister Month. Women were asked to write about their relationship with their mother or children and how it has shaped their attitudes towards food and their bodies. The winning entry by Lauren Herskovic of College Candy touched us because of it’s honesty and […] Read more »


Mrs. Obama’s Right to Bare Arms

By Emily

Allow me to enter the culture wars for a moment. What’s the deal with Michelle Obama’s arms? I have no problem with her arms, which are lovely and strong, but rather the public’s reaction to them. Her bare shoulders and curved biceps have the entire country asking: How toned is too toned for women? Let’s put aside that this wouldn’t […] Read more »


On Meghan McCain, Tyra Banks & Hope

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Have you been following the Meghan McCain body size debate over the last week?  If you’ve somehow missed it, Lesley at Fatshionista has a good review of what’s gone on. My take on it has to do with dismay, gratification and optimism. I’m appalled that a woman dissed Ms. McCain about her body size.  Guess I shouldn’t be.  But I […] Read more »

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