‘Love that Body!’

Mrs. Obama’s Right to Bare Arms

By Emily

Allow me to enter the culture wars for a moment. What’s the deal with Michelle Obama’s arms? I have no problem with her arms, which are lovely and strong, but rather the public’s reaction to them. Her bare shoulders and curved biceps have the entire country asking: How toned is too toned for women? Let’s put aside that this wouldn’t […] Read more »


On Meghan McCain, Tyra Banks & Hope

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Have you been following the Meghan McCain body size debate over the last week?  If you’ve somehow missed it, Lesley at Fatshionista has a good review of what’s gone on. My take on it has to do with dismay, gratification and optimism. I’m appalled that a woman dissed Ms. McCain about her body size.  Guess I shouldn’t be.  But I […] Read more »

Weighing In: Gossip Website Only Dishes About Celebrity Weight

By Laura Brooks

When I recently came across a website solely devoted to rumors of celebrity weight gain, celebrity diets and celebrity weight loss (mostly women's weight loss, of course), I was struck by the seemingly innocuous disclaimer of the website (which I will not promote by naming). It reads "All content on this website should be considered harmless speculation and gossip." Harmless? That's certainly debatable.  Study after study shows […] Read more »

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Weighing In: How to Improve Young Girls’ Body Image

By Laura Brooks

Over the weekend, a relative’s daughter lamented that ‘she looked fat.’ Having just started first grade, and in reality being very slim, my young relative demonstrates how insidious the fear of fat can be.  Her mother has weight issues, but is careful not to share her frustration, comment on body sizes, or limit foods but clearly needs to do more.  […] Read more »

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