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It Happened This Week: Breakast Bonanza, Nudity and Margaritas

By Emily

Continuing our breakfast theme this week, from the archives we bring you “Headstands aren’t compatible with big breakfasts, or The 5,000-Year-Old Weight Loss Plan.” And the F-Word-Blog gives a rundown of breakfast foods through the ages. Apparently we can thank the Victorians for eggs Benedict. Marsha visits with MizFit for a guest post on food as physical and mental fuel. […] Read more »


Not So Ready To Wear

By Cindy Bishop

Emily’s post inspired me to write about my own fashion frustration. It’s certainly not a new frustration, just one that’s kept in check when shopping outside the plus-size arena. I’ve always harbored a fantasy about becoming a plus-size clothing designer. Why? Because as Emily and others have pointed out, fashion designers do not understand large women. Case in point, shop […] Read more »

screaming girl

It Happened This Week: Cake, Incredibly Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs & Celebrity Weight Battles

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Want to eat that piece of cake, but not sure you “should?”  Check out “Piece A’ Cake,” a video in which “a woman faces her insecurities as she battles the urge to devour a decadent piece of cake, imagining the dire, albeit irrational, consequences that will ensue.”  (That quote from the great new Venus Vision Community: Connecting Women with Women […] Read more »

It Happened this Week: Bikini Season, Healthy Geezers and Ann Taylor

By Emily

Back in Skinny Jeans reminds us that there are more important things in life than being “bikini ready” for summer. Fred Cicetti, aka “The Healthy Geezer” wonders: Is it Safe to Exercise in Your 70s? The short answer is yes! Alternative Health Journal offers five great reasons not to fall for the latest fad diet. Forget weight loss pills. Successful […] Read more »


Blogging Contest: And the Winner Is

By Emily

We received a number of stellar entries to our very first blogging contest in honor of our Mother-Daughter-Sister Month. Women were asked to write about their relationship with their mother or children and how it has shaped their attitudes towards food and their bodies. The winning entry by Lauren Herskovic of College Candy touched us because of it’s honesty and […] Read more »

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