An Interview with Weight Loss Blogger Authentically Emmie, Part I

The author of one of our favorite blogs about weight loss, and one of our top-35 healthy weight bloggers, Authentically Emmie, answers a few questions from Green Mountain on what she has learned along her inspiring journey. You auditioned for The Biggest Loser twice, but did not make the cut. Do you see this as a […]

Biggest Loser, Big Turnoff?

Far from being the motivational boost it’s touted to be, The Biggest Loser’s depictions of exercise may make people less likely to get up off the couch.  According to a new study, after watching a seven-minute clip of a show from The Biggest Loser’s ninth season, study participants had more negative attitudes about being active […]

It Happened This Week – Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow Criticized During NEDA Week

In honor of this being National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, today the focus is on women’s body image in the public eye. And there has been plenty of talk on this topic recently… On his radio show on Monday, Rush Limbaugh criticized Michelle Obama’s dinner. The First Lady, whose wellness initiatives hope to teach children about fitness […]

Why We’re Not The Biggest Loser

We know plenty of people love The Biggest Loser and look forward to watching it each week, each season.  This post isn't meant to try to dissuade anyone from that.  Instead, we just want to point out how our approach differs from The Biggest Loser approach.  It's relevant to many women because while they may […]

It Happened This Week: Diet Show Fatigue, Raw Food Diets & Food Needs

Adia Colar told NBC, "Enough with the Diet Shows," giving a brief look at some of the big problems with shows like the Biggest Loser.  Don't get me started!  Oh, wait, we've already been there.  And there.  And there. That'sfit reviewed the pros and cons of a raw food diet. Bottom line:  It's only for […]

I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

For someone who doesn’t watch The Biggest Loser, I certainly do write a lot about it. Five years ago, I posed the question, “Would NBC have the guts to follow up Biggest Loser contestants five years post treatment.” (Ok, ‘treatment’ might be stretching it, but they do advise and treat contestants, don’t they?) Regardless, the answer […]

The Biggest Loser: Just A Fat Camp With Big Ratings

Every week I talk to a surprising number of women who have either applied for The Biggest Loser, or have seriously considered it. It just goes to show that otherwise intelligent women will still consider doing just about anything for the promise of big weight loss. They acknowledge it might include some serious humiliation, starvation, […]