Bariatric Surgery & Binge Eating: You Didn’t Fail

In this video blog I delve into the challenging topic of life after bariatric surgery. Many people who get bariatric surgery still struggle immensely with food and their body post-surgery. Often, this leaves people feeling like a total failure. So in this vlog I explain why the surgery failed YOU and not the other way […]

After Bariatric Surgery: Why Lifestyle Change Matters

For Success: Support Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery At Green Mountain at Fox Run we often work with women who are either preparing for bariatric surgery or are looking for support post surgery.  I interviewed Liliana, one of our participants who had a sleeve gastrectomy, to learn about her experience with the surgery and how what […]

A Letter to Chris Christie on His Weight Loss Surgery

So Governor Chris Christie had stomach surgery – the weight loss kind. No surprise there. The poor man has been vilified for his weight — which has nothing to do with his abilities.  It’s no wonder he is looking for help. This isn’t a vote for or against Christie, or weight loss surgery for that […]