Do You Have the Healing Touch?

By Darla Breckenridge

When stress goes up, self care goes down. One way to implement self-care and self soothe (instead of stress eat) in stressful times is through healing touch. Touch can help you to calm, reduce your heart rate and decrease anxiety. As our world gets consumed by iPhones, social media, texting and e-mailing, it’s not uncommon to go a whole day […] Read more »

holding hands healing touch

Build Confidence in the Face of Fear of Failure

By Robyn Priebe

Most of us have social situations or events that make us nervous or anxious: going to a dinner party solo day-one at a new gym returning to school after years away trying something for the first time with others around public speaking driving to unfamiliar towns (even with a GPS) Everything on this list makes me nervous at times.  I’m reflecting on […] Read more »

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