Celebrate Your Independence From Dieting

Happy Independence from Dieting Day!   We announced on Monday, that in honor of the real Independence Day, we support women in their quests to be independent from ineffective and unhealthy dieting, restriction, starvation, deprivation, guilt, and the self judgment that dieting creates. Green Mountain at Fox Run believes that many women have been led astray with […]

Declaration of Independence from Dieting

Since this Wednesday is Independence Day, I was inspired to re-write the Declaration of Independence as a declaration to never diet again.  I found it interesting that so much of the original text was appropriate for explaining why women everywhere should break their ties with dieting.  Please join us in declaring your independence from dieting.  Leave your […]

What to Do Instead of Dieting: Inspirational Video

Today a gift from Rick Kausman, MD, member of the Association for Size Diversity & Health, on whose listserv he generously shared this beautiful work.  It’s an inspirational recipe to reach your natural, healthy weight. This from the write-up below the video on YouTube: Dr. Rick Kausman is a medical doctor who is recognised as […]

Warning: Dieting Increases Your Risk of Gaining MORE Weight

New Year = Diet Time! Anyone who’s struggled with weight knows what that first Monday in a New Year means — it’s diet time! Even if we manage to escape the temptation on our own, television and magazines everywhere urge us on. Just about every diet program is flooding the airwaves with pitches built on […]

It Happened This Week: Breakast Bonanza, Nudity and Margaritas

Continuing our breakfast theme this week, from the archives we bring you “Headstands aren’t compatible with big breakfasts, or The 5,000-Year-Old Weight Loss Plan.” And the F-Word-Blog gives a rundown of breakfast foods through the ages. Apparently we can thank the Victorians for eggs Benedict. Marsha visits with MizFit for a guest post on food […]