My Solution to Overeating After “Happy Hour”

I did it again! Another family weekend where I ate like a maniac and drank like a sailor! I thought I had this one figured out after the ski trip last February. Remember, the one where I had decided not to let peer pressure dictate my food choices? The one where I was going to […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: Making The Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle

It hasn’t been an easy road. There have been hurdles to jump over, rocks to trip over, and mountains to climb… or shall I say – cakes to jump over, spaghetti to trip over, and ice cream sundaes to climb? (Just some good old-fashioned food humor to start us off today, eh?) Over the past […]

Changing a Habit: Change Your Environment

While listening to NPR the other day, I was reminded of how important cues in our surroundings are to participating in a habit, good or bad.  At our healthy weight loss spa, we focus on changing old habits that no longer serve us.  It’s helpful to avoid setting the stage for the old habit by changing […]