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Discouraged About Your Weight: Increase Self Care

By Darla Breckenridge

Once you get discouraged about reaching your healthy weight, you increase negative self talk about your body, feel out of control around your eating and start shutting down. In last week’s blog we talked about how to increase self-care. Here is a fun, effective technique for the 911 situations which may lead to shut down make unhealthy  choices and keep […] Read more »

Network Execs Act Like Boobs Over Boobs

By Cindy Bishop

Some of you may have already heard all the fuss around a Lane Bryant lingerie ad which didn’t hit the airways last week because it was deemed to be of an inappropriate nature.  ABC pulled the ad (which was to run during “Dancing With The Stars”) and FOX demanded “excessive edits” for the ad which was to run during the […] Read more »