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Life After A Different Kind of Weight Loss Retreat: Dealing with Questions

By Lauren Romano on 03/13/2014

We are pleased to introduce a new series by Lauren Romano, a recent participant, on what happens after Green Mountain and making the journey to a healthy weight work at home. In this post, Lauren talks about the disconnect so many of us experience when it comes to doing things “right.” But in truth, there is no “right” that applies to everyone. It’s about experimenting, and finding what works for you, which often involves steps backwards as well as forwards.  Lauren has found that perfectionism doesn’t work  and that social support is important for continuing on the path toward optimal health.

Awash in the Green Mountain Glow

Life After A Weight Loss Retreat - Lauren Romano

Lauren Romano

I walked out of women’s weight loss retreat Green Mountain at Fox Run after four weeks living and eating their way with all the tools I could carry – cookbooks, a hopeful, positive outlook, and a big purple FitBall.

I was awash in the Green Mountain glow. Ready to eat right and put my needs first. The stresses of real life would be easier to handle with all I now know about myself and the many ways I have learned to deal with them. I had my canned explanations prepared for anyone who asked about the new approach I had adopted…

  • “I can eat whatever I want.”
  • “It’s not a diet.”
  • “It’s about feeling better.”
  • “I feel great.”

But Then The Weight Loss Questions Started…

“Can I ask how much you lost?” interested party No. 1 asked.
“No, you can’t,” was my reply.

“Do… do they weigh you?” stuttered interested party No. 2.
“Well, they do if you want them to,” I wavered. “I didn’t want to know,” I lied.

Why was it so hard? It had only been a few hours and I had my responses ready to go.

“I felt great.”

“This is a lifestyle change and, and…”

I couldn’t remember. I just kept talking and over explaining. All the things we ate and didn’t eat and the exercise we did and how I avoided snowshoeing because it was just too cold.

“But I did a lot of other things…”

“I was very active, a lot more active than I had been before I went,” I just kept explaining.

I Didn’t Owe Anyone An Explanation

This was the opposite of what I was planning to do. I knew I didn’t owe anyone an explanation. I was just supposed to focus on how good I felt. And I did feel good. Although I felt a lot better a few hours before.

As each day home passed, I felt the Green Mountain glow washing away. I was working out, but not like I did there. I was eating vegetables, but not as much as I did there. I was listening to my hunger cues, but not the way I was there. I wasn’t journaling. I knew I should be. I hadn’t meditated. That probably would have helped.

Reaching Out To Friends From the Weight Loss Retreat

The weekend had passed and Monday was almost gone. I was feeling further and further away from everything I had learned at Green Mountain. I decided to reconnect and check in with some of the new friends I had made. I sent an email out West and a text message across the Atlantic. We were all in different stages of our Green Mountain aftercare but it was so helpful to get their replies. Everyone was finding their way a little differently.

I didn’t ask for suggestions on how to stay positive and mindful, but just talking to them helped me to focus. It was a small break, where I didn’t have to explain it. They were there with me, so they got it. And none of us was doing everything perfectly, but it was okay.

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