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Mindful Eating When Dining Out: Enjoy!

By on 09/11/2014

If there’s one thing that strikes fear in the hearts of many of the women who come to Green Mountain, it’s eating in restaurants. That is, until they’ve gone through a week or two of our program. Then it’s a whole different experience.

Change Your Dining Out Experience With A Mindful Approach

mindful-eating-dining-outAfter a weekend spent enjoying the delights of Vermont, including eating in some of our wonderful restaurants as well as sampling the delicacies of country stores and the like, many of our participants share with us on Monday morning what a truly different experience they had with eating. It was, they agree, the result of the different approach to eating they learned and practiced all week at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

So why is it that something that is seemingly so pleasant so scary for so many before they learn the Green Mountain approach?

Why Women Fear Eating In Restaurants

In my classes here, I talk about the fact that we as a society have been set up to fear dining out, especially if you are a woman who struggles around weight.. Everywhere you turn, you run into messages that tell you to be careful what you eat — that who knows what and how much chefs add to the dishes they serve to you. And the portion sizes! Of course, the fear is based on whether the food you eat is “fattening” or not.

Relish Dining Out With Mindful Eating

What if I were to tell you that mindfully embracing eating out, enjoying what it has to offer while staying in touch with how you feel, can lead to an experience that is more than filling — it’s fulfilling!

The bottom line is something we’ve been saying for a long time now at Green Mountain. Food is one of the greatest pleasures of life, and having someone else do the cooking and cleaning can make it even more pleasurable. Add the company of good friends and family, and you’ve got an experience that far bypasses the simple act of feeding yourself. It’s about truly feeding your self well.

7 Mindful Dining Tips for Eating Out Healthfully

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