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My Eyes Are Up Here: How One Green Mountain Mama Got Her Mojo Back

By on 08/14/2014

eyes-are-up-here-cat-mitchellToday’s post is courtesy of another articulate Green Mountain alum (or Green Mountain Mama as she puts it). Cat Mitchell will start regularly writing for A Weight Lifted, to share her experience as a young woman set on taking back her life as she moves away from old notions of self to ones that support her in living fully.

“Yeah, you work it, big girl!”

It’s late August. I’m walking down the main street of the bustling college town I just moved to. It’s my first night in there and I’m trying to find the plaza where I’ll be meeting up with some friends before we head off to explore the local bar scene. I walk by the bus stop and that’s when I hear it—“Yeah, you work it, big girl!”

“Okay, hold up,” I thought, “Was that?—did he?—did I just get catcalled and called fat? Um, did I just get fatcalled?

Overcoming Weight Stigma and Negative Self Talk

Along with that blatant display of one dude’s opinion about my weight, there are about a million ways that other people judge our bodies, even if it’s as simple as the barista looking at my body instead of my face when I give them my coffee order. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who’s had to deal with stares from strangers, prying questions from friends, and the often unhealthy diet and exercise “advice” that other people love to give out, whether it’s at home, at the grocery, at the bookstore, at the gym, on TV, in magazines, and…well, you get it, pretty much everywhere. And forget about eating out.

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Sometimes it feels like being a woman in today’s society, no matter what your size, means that your body, your weight, and your eating choices are constantly under scrutiny. Add to that the relentless talk and worry about our country’s obesity “epidemic,” and our bodies and the issues surrounding them can constantly feel like other people’s business. Even those with the best intentions can sometimes overwhelm us with food guilt, gym guilt, and body guilt.  So, how do you deal with all of these difficult-to-avoid judgments and the emotions they bring up?

Body Acceptance –  The Key to Peace and Successful Change

When I came to Green Mountain in April of this year, that was a question I definitely needed an answer to. I needed to learn a positive way to deal with not only my health and my body but how much I worried over what other people thought about those two things.

Through classes, time, and lots of honest discussions with the amazing women who were there, I was able to find a peaceful voice inside myself that could deal with all the struggles I would face.  I found the side of myself that would help me become the woman I’ve always wanted to be—I call that woman a Green Mountain Mama.

My Green Mountain Mama? She’s awesome.

She’s the kind of woman who climbs mountains, just because she feels like it.  She’s mindful, she’s beautiful, and she knows how valuable she is. She meets tough challenges with strength and love. That’s who I’m trying to be every single day. No matter who gets in my business. No matter what the scale says.

Here’s hoping that you connect with your own Green Mountain Mama, whomever your version of her happens to be.

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