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Healthy Eating Solutions: Breakfast Smoothies

Baffled by Breakfast

That’s me.

breakfast smoothies for healthy eatingGrowing up, breakfast was always a carb. Cold or hot cereal during the week, with the requisite generous helping of sugar – pancakes, waffles (smothered in syrup) or cinnamon buns (with icing) on the weekends. Maybe some bacon or scrapple. For a real treat, Mom would make cinnamon toast – you remember, white bread toasted and buttered and then covered with cinnamon sugar (Mom, make sure you get it in all the corners!)

Was my mother trying to raise unhealthy children with mouths full of cavities? Certainly not. She just didn’t understand nutrition as we do today. Later, as a young working adult breakfast became a muffin or bagel as I dashed out the door to work. No plate model there, for sure.

Are You Avoiding Carbs?

My first morning at Green Mountain, I entered the dining room and saw bread on the buffet table. What? I’ve spent years avoiding carbohydrates, especially at breakfast, and here they are. I’ve lost 30 pounds twice on the no-carb fad and, you guessed it, gained it back both times.

I turned to a woman whom I assumed was staff and said “Hey, someone has made a mistake here!  There’s bread on the table!” 

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Marsha smiled and told me to help myself. A week later, on my way home, I wondered how I would ever be able be able to introduce carbs back into every meal without feeling like I’m ingesting cyanide.

Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Plate Model Works

Well, it’s been five months and I’ve discovered that the plate model works. It works to keep me energized, satiated and healthy.

Breakfast, however, is still a tough meal to pull off plate model. It requires some forethought (mini quiches in the freezer) or creativity. I don’t have the patience or inclination to think too much about breakfast – I’m a busy woman and I hit the ground running in the morning.

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While I have become pretty good at mindful eating and creating tasty plate model menu options for lunch and dinner, I’m more than happy to have the same breakfast every morning. It’s predictable, time saving and delicious and, best of all, follows the guidelines of plate model.

Here’s my solution – I purchased a Vita-mix. They’re expensive but there are similar products on the market and you can always rely on a good blender.

I make a green smoothie in the morning with a few slices of canned fruit (pineapple or peaches). I drain the fruit so that I’m not dumping tons of sugar into the blender but the fruit itself is infused so I get some sweetness. Add some greens and some milk (cow or soy) some Greek yogurt for protein and some ice. Turn it on. Voilà!

The Plate Model In A Blender

I sit down and mindfully enjoy it with a half slice of almond butter covered whole grain bread. It’s filling, satisfying and starts me on my day feeling like I’ve already done something good for myself just by having breakfast.

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The Vita-Mix comes in handy often later in the day. When I hit that 3pm “I’m hungry” feeling, I can whip up an afternoon smoothie of strawberries, cabbage, protein powder or some other creative combination. It’s also great for making healthy soups. Roast your favorite veggies and blend them with some seasonings and broth and you have a great creamy (but cream less) soup!

Straying from the plate model has been an issue for me. A plate full of pasta looks pretty tempting but I’ve learned that, unless I add some protein and greens in plate model proportions, I will feel over-full, sluggish and, in a few hours, hungry again.

Nope, the plate model works for me, but it takes some consideration and planning. Use a blender or a meal planner or a personal chef, but do it. (Personal chef?  I’m eating at your house!)

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