Over the past four decades, Green Mountain at Fox Run has helped thousands of women end struggles with eating, exercise and body image, make long-term healthy lifestyle changes and lose weight permanently.

What I’ve Learned About Women and Weight Loss

By Lisa Christie on 03/31/2014

A Q&A with Our Dietitian Robyn Priebe

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Robyn has been the nutrition lead at Green Mountain at Fox Run for 10 years, and is sharing what she has learned about women and weight loss in that time.

Congratulations Robyn! We appreciate everything that you do for our participants – from your inspiring classes and mind-blowing nutrition knowledge to your artistic flair and commitment to helping women look at weight and wellness through a new set of eyes!

What have you discovered about women and weight loss in your 10 years at Green Mountain that has surprised you?

I think the most interesting thing I’ve noticed is that at any point in our lives weight can become an issue. It’s very common for me to hear reports of no issues with weight management until one catalyzing event occurs in a woman’s life: loss of work, death of family member, injury, illness, start of new job, moving, etc. What I’ve learned is no one is immune to struggles with health and weight management.

Our program is jam-packed with eating and nutrition information. What is your #1 piece of advice for women trying to lose weight at home?

Always strive to improve, never strive to be perfect. At any point in any of our lives we could identify issues we want to work on, new endeavors we want to take on, but if we try to do it all at once, we are destined to be disappointed. Pick up new behaviors over time and allow yourself the time you need to actually make those habits before taking on the next project.  There is no such thing as perfect eating, so if it’s your goal, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Have attitudes about weight and weight loss changed in your time at Green Mountain? What about dieting?

I do find that people are less likely to put their faith in dieting than in years past. I believe women know dieting doesn’t work, but they are still stumped about what their other options are for weight management.

What has been the most rewarding experience for you at Green Mountain?

Having struggled with weight and food in the past, it’s always rewarding to help people put food in its place. There is so much more to life than struggling to eat better, losing weight, and worrying about appearance. I’ve found that being distracted with all of those endeavors robs us of many of the other joys in life. I love being able to help people get to a good place with food so it’s a joy again instead of a burden.

Last year, Green Mountain won the new award by Spafinder for our nutrition program. What’s different about our program?

Being in a community setting and interacting with women who have common goals and have faced similar challenges is incredibly powerful. It’s amazing to know you are not alone and others understand what you are going through. I believe the women who come to Green Mountain learn not only from the staff, but from each other as well.

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