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My Body, Not Yours – Managing Unwanted Comments About Your Body

By Erin Risius, MA

“People assume there is a direct relationship between how much people weigh and their psychological health… Our research and other research is showing that no, it’s not about their weight, it’s the treatment they faced and what they worry they will face.” ~ Jeffrey Hunger, doctoral candidate in social psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara Tis the season […] Read more »

My  Body Not Yours - Managing Unwanted Comments About Your Body

14 Self-Care Practices for Your Emotional Medicine Cabinet

By Shiri Macri, MA, LCMHC

Why do we wake up every morning and brush our teeth, brush our hair, shower? Silly question – to be clean, smell good, feel refreshed, and groom ourselves. It’s just a normal part of standard hygiene practice. But what about emotional hygiene? EMOTIONAL HYGIENE?? You may be wondering what I mean by that, so let me explain. What Is “Emotional […] Read more »


26 Things To Do With Your Hands to Avoid Mindless Night Eating

By Jacki Monaco

It’s been a LONG day. As soon as I open this door, I want to plop on that couch, flip on the TV and zone out. (Ok let’s be realistic… as soon as I get home, work out, make dinner, wash the dishes, make tomorrow’s lunch, re-pack my life, take a shower, finish doing my side jobs… THEN I want […] Read more »

26 Things to Do With Your Hands to Avoid Mindless Night Eating

I’m Grateful for My Big Toe This Holiday Season

By Shiri Macri, MA, LCMHC

Yeah, my big toe. I know, it sounds strange, but I really am grateful for it! My big toe has interestingly become the representative of a new neural pathway. This is just getting weirder, isn’t it? Let me explain. If you’ve read my recent blogs about MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), you’ll know that one of the core MBSR program […] Read more »

I'm Grateful for My Big Toe

The Binge Eating Diaries: Self-Care Prepping For a Solo Turkey Day

By Jacki Monaco

There’s a really good chance that I’m going to be sitting home on my butt all alone during peak Thanksgiving hours this year. Bummer, right? My partner works swing shift and the rest of my family members either live out of town or are heading out of town. Are you in the same boat as I am? Well, at least […] Read more »