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My Experience Returning to Green Mountain at Fox Run

By Beth Turchi

I’m writing this on Friday of my first return week to Green Mountain. My initial visit was also just a week, the same week in fact, last year. I wish I could have come back for a longer refresher but my high-maintenance husband can’t survive without me for any longer than a week.  (Well, he can but won’t. That’s a […] Read more »


The Binge Eating Diaries: Now I Want To Be Strong

By Jacki Monaco

Do I want to be strong? You mean strong-willed? So that I don’t overeat? Um, yes. I have been striving for that my ENTIRE life. No? Hmmm… Oh! You mean strong like that Planet Fitness commercial: “I lift things up and put them down.” I mean… I personally don’t care about lifting objects… I just want a man to be […] Read more »

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3 Tips to Rise Above Weight Stigma

By Erin Risius, MA

We live in a society that demonizes weight gain and celebrates weight loss at any cost.  No need to look any further than the overt and subliminal messages within social media, television, ads, and magazines, which perpetuate and capitalize on this obsession with weight. This mania has created a culture that socially accepts and even encourages weight stigma, which is […] Read more »

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5-Minute Meditations: Quick Check-in Body Scan

By Shiri Macri, MA, LCMHC

This next meditation is a brief version of a body scan. As a current MBSR student myself, I’m currently doing the recommended hour long body scan daily. Yep, that’s right. 1 whole hour of scanning the body. Noticing my big toe…the space between the toes..etc.. WHEW! I’m REALLY getting to know my body! Anyway, here’s a brief, 5 minute version […] Read more »

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