‘Viva Vermont’

Fitness Tip Friday: Exercising in Cold Weather

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

In the past week, fall has brought a  chill to the air here in Vermont. While there isn’t any snow (yet), the leaves are falling fast.  It’s still beautiful outside, though, as it is throughout the year. Indeed, at Green Mountain, cold weather does not keep us from exercising outdoors — in fact, we think there is nothing better than […] Read more »

Pumpkin Season

By Robyn Priebe

Although the start of Fall means Winter is soon approaching, I have to admit it’s an amazing time of year.  The leaves changing color is almost magical, the crisp cool air is perfect for outdoor activities, and having fresh pumpkin available is one of my favorite things.  Last year, almost on the same date, I blogged my recipe for a […] Read more »


We’re Doing Great After Irene

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

We’ve had so many calls and messages this week from alums and future participants alike, worried about how we’re doing after the damage of Hurricane Irene.  We’re happy to report that Green Mountain came through the storm pretty much unscathed.  The road at the bottom of our hill was washed out, but it was repaired by Monday afternoon, courtesy of […] Read more »

Healthy Cooking Thursday: Fun with Fiddleheads

By Chef Lisa

It’s that time of year again, the small window in which Vermont’s forests are flooded with the curling fronds of ferns known as fiddleheads.  A beauty to behold in the woods, these ferns are also pretty darn tasty.  Usually found bordering lakes, streams, and bogs, fiddleheads can also be found in markets for about a week or so in the areas […] Read more »

fiddle heads