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Announcing Our 2016 Weekend Retreats

By Taylor Downs

We get it – so many women can benefit from our program, but simply can’t attend due to time limitations, family obligations, financial restrictions, work responsibilities… and so on. So when we first decided to begin hosting special weekend intensive programs, we knew there’d be interest – but we had no idea how much! Over the last year, we’ve learned […] Read more »

Announcing our 2016 Weekend Retreats

Let’s Rethink That Diet: The Slim Chance Awards 2015 Winners

By Taylor Downs

New Year’s Resolutions give us goals to work toward during the year, whether they are related to personal growth, work aspirations, or – more commonly – health & weight loss ideals. We find ourselves starting each year hoping we can finally attain our “best” weight, size, fitness level, etc. But, of course, you know at least one-third of us abandon […] Read more »

Worst diets of 2015

Easy Crockpot Cooking for a Busy Holiday Schedule

By Patrick Gobeille

There’s so much going on during the holidays that many find it impossible to find time to cook for themselves and their families. But there are easy ways to make meals that are healthful and delicious. Look no further than a crockpot to easily cook roasts, soups or stews. Benefits of crockpot cooking include that you can assemble the recipe in […] Read more »

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26 Things To Do With Your Hands to Avoid Mindless Night Eating

By Jacki Monaco

It’s been a LONG day. As soon as I open this door, I want to plop on that couch, flip on the TV and zone out. (Ok let’s be realistic… as soon as I get home, work out, make dinner, wash the dishes, make tomorrow’s lunch, re-pack my life, take a shower, finish doing my side jobs… THEN I want […] Read more »

26 Things to Do With Your Hands to Avoid Mindless Night Eating

Eating What You Love Can Help Ward Off Holiday Weight Gain

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Go Ahead, Indulge! Now is the time to celebrate: Good times, good company, and yes, good food. But if you’re worried that enjoying yourself will pack on extra pounds, relax. The holiday season can actually be good for your waistline. If you’re like many weight worriers, trying to restrict holiday treats is a losing battle fraught with guilt. Give yourself […] Read more »

Eating What You Love Can Help Ward Off Holiday Weight Gain